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Op-Ed: Roger Stone On The Real Big Lie

Where once Americans prided themselves on independence, liberty, and freedom of thought, the government has the support of the majority of the country in making each of those criminal offenses.
Where once Americans prided themselves on independence, liberty, and freedom of thought, the government has the support of the majority of the country in making each of those criminal offenses. File photo: Bing Wen,, licensed.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – It was not about Covid. It was never about Covid. It was always about power. They played on individuals’ despotic need to leave a legacy. They played on corporations’ unbridled greed for profit. They played on the population’s fear of the unknown to contrive a means of taking your freedom away. It did not work on everyone, but it worked on enough. 

Where once Americans prided themselves on independence, liberty, and freedom of thought, the government has the support of the majority of the country in making each of those criminal offenses. The collective is now more important in the United States, disguised as the needs of “public health.” Where else is the collective of the highest concern? In Communist countries. For this vague idea to be protected it requires that the government hold more power than individual citizens, which is antithetical to the American experiment. 

Those who are on the New York Times mailing list have received an article on July 23, 2021 titled, “Vaccine mandates are controversial. They’re also an effective way to save lives.” The first example given within the body of the article says that Houston Methodist hospital system had an 85% vaccination rate before they mandated the vaccine for its employees. Given that 85 percent is significantly higher than any estimates of what is required for herd immunity, it begs the question, why would blackmailing people with their livelihoods be a good thing? 

Just two years ago, I was sitting in the back of a comparative politics class at state college and as the teacher explained the reality of living in China under their social credit system, the students were horrified that something like that could exist. Several of them compared it to an episode of the popular Netflix show “Black Mirror” which shows a similar reality. 

Now, college students are among the most adamant about establishing vaccine passports, mandating vaccines, and following the playbook of “pandemic fighting” that China gave to the West. Whether or not a federal vaccine passport is established in the United States is irrelevant. Unless we beat the Covid dogma, enough private companies and blue states will require proof of vaccination. Freedom will be over as we know it. 

Italy has mandated vaccine passports, as has France, and the United Kingdom is on the verge of passing similar requirements. This is just another step in the march to global dominance over freedom-loving people. In a piece titled “Vaccine passports have to be consistent so that all countries can recognize them, expert says” in the TechRepublic, Executive Director for the cybersecurity firm Okta said:

“Somebody coming from Germany and flying to, I don’t know, Israel, Israel needs to be able to look at the possible and go, ‘I understand what this means. I’m going to use it.’ But the problem we’ve got is, everyone has come up with their own different solutions. And while many of these solutions are excellent, I mean, Israel, in particular, has an excellent solution in place. Europe has a solution that covers all of the European member countries, which is great. They’re not joined up, and this means there’s sort of concern about trust and understanding.”

The same pattern continues. Each individual country begins doing certain things which appear questionable, but at least nationalistic, and then it becomes a globalist agenda. There is no better example of this than the “Build Back Better” slogan that was repeated ad nauseum. Joe Biden had it behind him for every speech. Justin Trudeau had it on his lectern for press conferences. Boris Johnson made frequent use of it during his public addresses. What exactly does this mean though?

The World Economic Forum, founded by Klaus Schwab, has an entire plan on its website titled “Now is the time for a ‘great reset.’” If you read it, it mirrors the same sentiments as the slogan build back better. 

To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. […] We must build entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism. […]  Clearly, the will to build a better society does exist. We must use it to secure the Great Reset that we so badly need. That will require stronger and more effective governments, though this does not imply an ideological push for bigger ones. And it will demand private-sector engagement every step of the way. 

Covid has been an invaluable asset in the process of pushing through Schwab’s reset, which has given them previously unimaginable control over people, vertical consolidations of wealth, and international cooperation between governments. The mandatory vaccination and vaccine passport fights carry far more weight than just its immediate policy implications. Yes, bodily autonomy will be dead. Yes, forced vaccinations will begin. Yes, those who refuse will be jailed along with January 6th protestors and beaten by guards. However, the really bad result will be that those seeking to implement the “Great Reset” will know that there is not a population on earth with the strength of will to resist. 

There are some waking up to this reality. An article in the Telegraph on Wednesday said that the proposed vaccine passport policy is a conspiracy against freedom. The only question is whether or not it is too late.

Those same conditions under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) which horrified the naive Comparative politics class will be implemented around the world. Americans will be unable to buy groceries without forfeiting control of which experimental drugs the government injects you with, all while letting millions of illegal immigrants across the southern border who have proven to carry Tuberculosis and other pathogens. 

The truth is, your government hates you. They used Covid as cover to manipulate everyone into handing over their freedoms. But it was never about Covid.

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