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Op-Ed: Congress Joins The Witch-hunt For Trump Tax Attacks


Even though the New York Tax Department and IRS have had no issue with President Trump’s tax returns, Democrats in congress have found another hoax to chase. 

The Trump Building on 40 Wall Street in the Financial District of Manhattan.
The Trump Building on 40 Wall Street in the Financial District of Manhattan. New York, June, 2021. File photo: Michael Vi,, licensed.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Over the past few months I have written several times about how phony the New York Attorney General’s case against the Trump Organization is and how it is absent of any logic, legal or precedent when it comes to the IRS. 

Even so, we knew the Democrats, who are addicted to hating President Trump, would find some new political street drug to shoot up to satiate their desire to destroy the greatest president of our lifetimes. 

Despite the New York Tax Department and IRS having had no issues with the Trump Organizations tax returns for decades, far-left activist Attorney General Letitia James concocted an indictment of a leading Trump Org official, claiming that he received illegal fringe benefits. As a recognized expert in the world of tax and accounting, I knew these benefits were not only legal, but regularly accepted by the IRS. 

Forbes did not put me on their Forbes Council because I lack knowledge in this subject matter, they honored me with this post because of my expertise in these fields. Now that Democrats in New York have exacted their pound of flesh on the Trump Org, their counterparts in the United States Congress have cooked up a new hoax to chase, with President Trump as their familiar target. 

They are now demanding access to President Trump’s tax returns, alleging there are improprieties that need to be exposed and justice that must be served. 

However, like the facts of the NY case, they aren’t facts and the demands have no basis in reality, except if the “reality” is a third dimension where hatred for President Trump is legal grounds for abuse of power. 

The American people see through these persecutions and we will continue to call them out with our loudest voices, no matter how hard they try to destroy President Trump or outlaw our right to dissent.

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