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The Democrats and the Media are the “Merchants of Venom”

Democratic leaders
The Democrats and the media’s irrational opposition to Trump, carries over to the Republicans as well.  File photo: Michael Candelori,, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – To listen to the Democrats and the media (mostly left-wing zealots), you’d think that the Republicans and Donald Trump and their supporters were the reinvention of the Nazi Party and the old Soviet Union.  Such libel and slander roll off the lips of their detractors on an almost daily basis.

It seems that the phrase of “Merchants of Venom” aptly applies to the words of both the liberal-left Democrats and a great many of the talking heads in the media. For four long years, that “unholy duo”, routinely called President Trump one vile name after another, all because he miraculously won the 2016 presidential election. The words used by Trump’s detractors included, Nazi, bigot, racist, anti-Semite, liar, dictator, on ad-finitum.

The “Trump Derangement Syndrome” was so prevalent, that no matter what Trump said or did or wanted to do, the Democrats and the media were quick to oppose him, no matter what. If Trump said that the weather was clear, the Democrats and the media would say it was cloudy. Their antipathy was so ingrained that even though Trump’s policies were beneficial to the country, they automatically took the opposite position. Total irrationality.

The Democrats and the media’s irrational opposition to Trump, carried over to the Republicans as well. The days of bi-partisanship seem to be a thing of the past as Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader Schumer spin their lies on a regular basis in order to push their radical policies as they try to “fundamentally change” America. Even after Biden won the presidency (which many still think was a fraudulent election) with his passionate plea of uniting America, he has, in his first 6 months, done just the opposite. Upon being sworn in and right after, Biden used his pen by issuing “executive orders” over turning many of Trump’s policies which has turned out to be a disaster. If Biden let Trump’s polices remain, we wouldn’t have a raging inflation, the southern border crisis wouldn’t be the major problem as it is today, we would remain energy independent, and our foreign policy wouldn’t be so chaotic. Most experts and economists say that Biden’s policies have had a detrimental effect upon our country. His approval rating is heading into the dumpster.

Even in the arena of foreign policy, our “enemies” have sensed weakness in the White House. Hamas has flexed its muscle against Israel (which, luckily, they failed in their mission); Iran has gone ahead with the enrichment of it weapons grade uranium; China has flexed its influence all over the world including the possible threat to invade Taiwan; and in our own country, crime is getting out of control, especially in the inner cities. With all these problems, and with Biden showing signs of a cognitive decline, he and the Democrats have lashed out at the Republicans using the old shibboleth of race as a cudgel to cover up their failing policies and ineptitude in running our great country into the ground.

Just recently, Pelosi organized a “January 6 Panel” of Trump haters to “investigate” what really happened on January 6.  It was a sham committee as all the members appointed by Pelosi, were dyed-in-wool Trump haters, including two Trump hating Republicans, Lynn Cheney and Adam Kinsinger. Since Trump seems to be residing in the heads of the Democrats 24/7, they will do anything to damage the future of both Trump and the Republicans. So far, their attempts seem to have backfired.

So, as the term “Merchants of Venom” is a pejorative term, it aptly describes the words and actions of the the Democrats and their shills in the left-wing media. The off-year election of 2022 looms as one of the most important elections in modern-day history. The Republicans must win back both the House and Senate in order to bring sanity back into our lives and to prevent us from becoming a Marxist/Socialist state.

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