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Op-Ed: Ben And Jerry Must Feel Wrath of Freedom Lovers Everywhere

Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop on 940 Elm Street at Stark Street in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire NH
Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop on 940 Elm Street at Stark Street in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire on Aug. 29, 2019. File photo: Wangkun Jia,, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – By now you’ve heard all about Ben & Jerry’s (an independent Unilever subsidiary) standing strong with Palestinian/Hamas terrorism. And still harboring the fierce Israel hating of its Jewish founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the offending franchise now operating in East Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria will not have its license renewed because it continues producing and selling its weirdly named, popular frozen products in these disputed areas where Palestinians want to set up their no-Jews-allowed state. Strange that B&J still does a booming business in Muslim, sharia controlled Malaysia, where freedom has not yet been declared the flavor of the day. We wonder whether Ben and Jerry, the founders are aware that Malaysian Prime Minister Maathir Bin Mohamad, just two years ago, declared that his country would not allow Jews or Israelis to enter the country. So, no sunbathing on the shores of the Andaman Sea for them.

But all that aside, the lightning like negative reaction throughout our country against these purveyors of the Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions policy, has been more than welcome. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has threatened parent company, Unilever, with his State of Florida divesting itself “from acquiring any and all Unilever assets.” The Jew-sparse states of Oklahoma and Texas are to follow. A bold, heartwarming major move against the firm’s boycott of Israel. The small Town of Hempstead, in Long Island, will do all in its power to urge its residents to boycott products such as Lipton Tea, Breyer’s Ice Cream, Klondike Bars and Hellman’s, all produced by British held Unilever. We hope this outpouring of decent, common sense continues to mushroom. Sad to say, however, the silence of Jewish lawmakers, who rely mostly on Jewish votes for their positions, have been eerily quiet to the point of outrage by us. We’ve searched in vain for words from such as Senators Sanders, Schumer, Ossoff, Blumenthal or Feinstein and Congress people Deutch, Nadler, Schultz, etc., standing up for the lone democracy in the Middle East. A Jewish one at that. They have no shame coddling Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and who knows how much they rake in from China on the side? But, where are they when an American company openly, boldly and in-your-face, works for the destruction of a Jewish democracy? Where is their commitment to standing up for freedoms that they ballyhoo to their constituents at election time? Hypocrites, all.

Shameless, Radical, Leftist, faux Jewish organizations, J Street and New Israel Fund, came out in support of Ben and Jerry’s while the meek, confused ADL merely was “disappointed” in the firm’s actions to join in the BDS movement against Israel. Sad, that these groups suck in bucks from Jews, claim to be pro-Israel and yet openly work for the destruction of that Jewish State. This scenario puts the spotlight on the disunity among Jews and their organizations relating to matters of Israel, Jewish issues and most of all, Jewish continuity as a people. We can no longer tolerate those among us who do not join in the battle to protect Jews from the ever growing tsunami of Jew Hating that is boldly taking shape all over the world….even in the ice cream business. Let’s out them, expose them for what they stand for and let them seek solace among their enemies. Let’s see how that works out.

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