Op-Ed: Nancy Pelosi and the Disciples of Deceit

Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi talks to constituents after a Rally in front of San Francisco city hall. File photo: Kim Wilson, Shutterstock.com, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Have you ever in your life seen such a disingenuous, vindictive person as the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi? This octogenarian legislator has outlived her effectiveness as a leader by causing all kinds of animus with the opposition party and within her own party.

It seems power has gone to her head. Since when does the Speaker of the House determine what members of the opposition party can or cannot serve as members of a House Panel? Since she has an ingrown antipathy toward Donald Trump, she wants the use of a January 6 investigation to try to equate the unfortunate incident at the Capitol to further the interests of the Democrat Party and to smear, again, Donald Trump. No intelligent person condones the breech of the Capitol on Jan. 6, but to constantly call it an “insurrection” when no arms or weapons were used, is just a false means of using the incident to condemn all supporters of former Pres. Trump as trying to accomplish a “Coup”. It seems the riots and mayhem during the summer of 2020 never happened, by the silence exhibited by Pelosi and the Democrats, as no major inquires have been started over those incidents, where lives were lost, government buildings were set ablaze, and hundreds of police and their property were attacked. Why no Congressional inquiry for those violent riots? Was it because the “insurrectionists” were mainly Democrats or sympathized with the Democrats?

Nancy Pelosi, in her warped mind, has said that two of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks to sit on the Jan. 6 panel cannot serve on the panel that is supposed to find out what really happened on that day. As a consequence of that rejection, the Republicans have wisely declined to participate in this so-called “Kangaroo Court”, and have said that they will hold their own hearing.

The Democrats under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, have since before and after Trump was elected, embarked on a policy of “partisan resistance” no matter what Trump proposed or wanted to do. She along with many of her cronies, initiated a phony scenario that President Trump was illegally elected and that Russia was involved in the election by supporting Trump. After 2 years and over $30 million in costs, the Independent Counsel, appointed to oversee the non-existent collusion plot between Trump and Russia, it was determined that the whole collusion charges were a hoax and a complete waste of time and money. Not to be denied, a vindictive Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, brought two phony impeachment actions against her arch enemy, President Trump, both of which resulted in his being found not guilty. It was amazing that President Trump was able to get anything done with such a venomous opposition in Congress, led by Nancy Pelosi, in the four years of his presidency.

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The animosity by Nancy Pelosi toward President Trump was shown during and after Trump’s State of the Union speech in February, 2020, when at the end of his speech she openly tore up her copy of Trump’s speech in full view of the T.V. cameras. Such behavior was rarely condemned by either the Democrats or by the main stream media.

Regardless of the results of the 2022 mid-term elections, Nancy Pelosi said she will step down (is that believable?). If she is serious, she is now a “lame duck Speaker”, but until that happens she will continue with the overly partisan attacks on the Republicans and Trump. All signs point to an “electoral blood bath” in 2022, as the Republicans are poised to take back majority control in both the House and Senate. Thank you, deceitful Nancy Pelosi.

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