New Jersey Trump Supporter Ignores Judge’s Order to Remove Profane Anti-Biden Signs from Property; “It’s My First Amendment Right”


UNION COUNTY, NJ – In a case that could potentially pose questions regarding the limits to free speech afforded to the public by the First Amendment, a New Jersey supporter of former President Trump is ignoring a judge’s order to remove several profane anti-President Joe Biden signs from her mother’s lawn.

Andrea Dick of Roselle Park, 54, drew the ire by many of her neighbors when she put up multiple, obscenity-laden signs that are highly critical of President Biden, including “F**K Biden,” “F**k Biden and F**k you for voting for him,” and one depicting former President Trump sticking up his middle fingers.

Dick was eventually cited and fined by local officials, who claimed that her signs were in violation of local anti-obscenity ordinances; in addition, Roselle Park Mayor Joseph Signorello III pointed out that fact that Dick’s home is in the vicinity of a school. Dick nonetheless persisted in keeping the offending signs up, prompting Roselle Park Municipal Court Judge Gary A. Bundy to order her mother to remove three of the signs or face a $250 daily fine.

However, Dick has refused to comply with the judge’s order, saying, “It’s my First Amendment right, and I’m going to stick with that. I’m not backing down.”

Mayor Signorello noted that he has received a degree of blowback from some residents for the decision to punish Dick, but he said that the issue isn’t about politics; instead, he said, “It’s about decency.”

Dick stated that she will be hiring a new attorney in order to challenge the judge’s ruling, and has created a GoFundMe campaign to assist with her “legal defense fund.” As of press time, she has raised $6,155 of her $10,000 goal.

Andrea is fighting a costly battle to preserve her Freedom of Speech rights, as well as yours,” the page says.

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