VIDEO: Records Reveal Joe Biden Was Sending Sensitive State Department “Insider Intelligence” to His Son Hunter Biden Via Private Email Account

John Solomon
John Solomon reveals Joe Biden, while Vice President, utilized a private Gmail account to communicate with his son Hunter Biden and more – via ‘Greg Kelly Reports’ on Newsmax.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – According to a new report from John Solomon, Founder, CEO and Editor in Chief at Just the News, then Vice President Joe Biden used a private email address ([email protected]) to send government information to his son Hunter during the years of the Obama Administration. This is much like actions taken by Hillary Clinton when she had been found to be using a private email account as Secretary of State, although her emails were specifically marked classified in some instances.

The revelation was highlighted in an episode on Newsmax, on the show “Greg Kelley Reports” where Solomon goes into the details of the emails and how they were obtained including the certainty of their owner:

“…for the first time we are certain that Joe Biden has a private email address, and we are certain he used it to communicate with his son, in some cases, forwarding information from the United States government to his son, through that private channel.”

John Solomon, Founder, CEO and Editor in Chief at Just the News

Previously, Joe Biden has assured those who have asked that there were no conflicts of interest with his family’s businesses and that he specifically never shared information with his son Hunter regarding his business dealings.

The White House, specifically Jennifer Psaki, has not yet responded to inquiries regarding the email address.

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