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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan: On The Precipice, We Are The Storm

Believers thus continue to question whether our Lord and Savior will continue to reveal more corruption, as He has been doing throughout the world since Trump’s inauguration in 2016—or if judgment on this nation, where many have turned their backs on God for decades, is forthcoming.

GREEN BAY, WI – And just like that, he is back. Suddenly, President Trump has reappeared back on the public scene, as we begin this final phase of the great war of good versus evil on a global scale. Yes, Trump, with all of his bluster and driven fortitude, is right back in the faces of those who have tried everything to maim and destroy both this great President and We the People, whom he represents.

And we Believers in Christ are now watching ever-so-closely on what will unfold next. We know that the final punch, the ‘Trump Card’—backed by Almighty God to whom Trump pledges allegiance—is right on schedule to smack down at any moment with sudden ferocity and fury. And we also are acutely aware that it will do so with a vengeance born of many years facing the onslaught of filth and evil and self-serving wickedness perpetrated on behalf of the evil elites’ Global Cabal/Deep State.

We hearken back to Bible Prophecy, as it portends that at some point, there will be a one-world government, economy, and religion.  Is that time now? Or will God extend His recent period of revealing the Truth, which seems to have begun with the amazing election of Donald J. Trump in 2016, against all odds?

We shall see.

We Believers also know that Jesus’ Rapture of all Believers onto Heaven is imminent.  All Bible prophecy that has to take place prior to the Rapture has taken place.  So, we realize that this event is extremely close, but of course we are not aware of the exact moment that it will happen.

For now, we wait on Almighty God, always trusting His perfect timing.

And we also continue to survey the scene both in America and on the world stage—a world that suddenly has gone simply mad.  Trump put it so very simply in one of his interviews:  “The world’s a mess.”  Indeed.

We have now been exposed to more evil than we ever thought possible.  How did these things take place without our knowledge?  One begins to wonder if our whole life has been a lie, in terms of the depth of wickedness that obviously took place in the rich and notorious circles of the world, mostly unbeknownst to us.

Circles make up of a large Satanic cult that has been trying to run the lives of the eight billion people on the planet.  This cult appears to be made up of about 3,000 people, 300 of whom have high stakes in the banking industry and own most of the world’s wealth.

This is that same Cabal that seeks to throw out God’s Holy Bible, and replace it with their new ‘woke/progressive’ rulebook.  Their manual mirrors all-things-Satan and Marxism/Communism, and they plan on disseminating it via a one-world government to We the People.

These malicious criminals were well on their way to incorporating this new nefarious system, a system that involves only the elites and their servants—with no more middle class.  They are interested in depopulating the world down to the levels that will be ‘just enough’ to serve them.  Human beings offer no value to them; their best-case scenario involves robots or implanting humans with chips to make them ‘robot-like.’

Remember, since they do not follow Holy Scripture, they do not value God-breathed life.  Nor do they value God-given freedom.  God, Country, and the family are their main targets.  Not to mention the fact that they want local police out of the picture, so that these community-loving men/women in blue will not be able to stand against their Marxist/Communist tactics of force.  Their brutal police force will be Nazism all over again.

Sadly, this Luciferian movement has infiltrated our media, academia, Hollywood/entertainment, the government, major sports, and major corporations—basically all main institutions in America.  Moneyed folks like the Rothschilds have called the shots for many years, on a global scale.

And we also see that China is the other big player on the scene.  They come right out in the open and tell us that they want world domination.  And, sadly, they have pretty much locked that up.  Their economy is close to being as large as America’s.

While most countries sustained negative growth during the first quarter of this year, China boasts an 18.3 percent growth factor.  Their military—although the United States remains number one in quality of weaponry—is larger than ours, and they call the shots on world matters.

Does anyone doubt that last assertion?  Then why is it that the World Health Organization is paid for by America, but takes orders from China?  Why is it that the rich elites in this Country, such as Lebron James and major corporations and institutions, all bow down to China?

In terms of who gets their way on the world stage, it’s Communist China.  No doubt about it.

Meantime, America’s newly-installed administration, which we all know is not legitimate, continues to destroy anyone who promotes America as the world’s superpower.  They have destroyed our sovereign borders in one fell swoop.  They have taken away equality of the law—where those who toe the line with the Cabal’s political views get off scot-free, yet their political opponents get prison time and solitary confinement for the slightest of offences.

Likewise, under the guise of equal rights, they have taken away our Constitutional freedoms—such as freedom of speech.  They do this by calling mere differences of opinion ‘hate speech’—and they are getting away with it at every turn.  This woke mob oppresses and persecutes any and all who disagree with their Satanic, Communist agenda.

These vermin have even infiltrated the public school system, right down to the elementary level, with their Marxist-based ‘Critical Race Theory’ and other courses that brazenly bash our Country’s founding fathers and its principles.  And some of the teachers’ unions are boldly daring anyone to even try to remove this vile part of the curriculum.

And let us not forget another integral part of our great Constitution that this evil cult has stolen before our very eyes:  free and fair elections.  And that represents the final assault—the one that means that we cannot exist as a free people any longer.

But that’s where it all stops.  This is the line in the sand for Believers in Christ.  And we see that this line has been drawn when we watch the Patriots stepping up in all walks of life, including school board meetings, rallies for justice, church pulpits, business-decision meetings, election audit processes, folks who take on control of the border at their own risk, and the massive desertion in far-left Democratic-run cities and states.

Enough is enough!

Indeed, it appears that Trump’s backing off on the world stage for several months has resulted in what he probably hoped to accomplish:  We the People taking our Country back.  Those who are strong in Christ do not live in fear.  They will not take what the elite Cabal is offering them.  They know that their rights and freedoms come from Almighty God, including the very air that they breathe.

Brave Patriots are following the lead of heroes like President Trump, General Michael Flynn, Lt. General Thomas McInerney, Trump Attorneys Lin Wood and Sydney Powell, My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell, and former Secretary of State Michael Pompeo—to name but a mere few of the courageous souls among us.

We revel in the messages that these fine warriors give out to us this day.  Such as those put out by another fine Patriot, Trump Aide Dan Scavino.  A recent Telegram post by Dan told us:  “Those who voted for Trump but gave up on him, will deeply regret it.  Go ahead and bookmark this.  Take a picture.  Write it on your refrigerator.  The scope of things to come is astounding.  All great things.  Power back to We the People.”  And keep in mind that this message was included with a picture of Trump boarding Air Force 1.

Another of Scavino’s missives left no doubt as to who he believes is still our President:  “All signs point to Trump returning to the White House in legendary fashion.  Who’s ready to witness a nuclear level meltdown from the establishment…the likes of which we’ve never seen?”

And then, more recently, he posted, with regard to Trump:  “The media is against him.  The Big Tech want to see him decisively defeated and forgotten.  The snakes in the swamp hope for their eternal survival.  And for this great day that determined the American history, HE SHOWED THEM why Americans deserve their legitimate President back in the White House.  He proved he has the power to unite all patriots under one flag.  Donald Trump is back ladies and gentlemen!”  We saw this message posted alongside a photo of Trump at his huge July 3rd rally in Florida.

And then, a few days ago, we saw another extremely encouraging bit of info from Scavino on Telegram:  “Each storm creates chaos, and chaos creates order, and order creates peace….  Those who started the storm miscalculated the strength of the American people and underestimated the patriots.  Donald Trump is still strong, simply put—their worst nightmare.  And they should be prepared…THE STORM IS COMING!”

That wonderful man doesn’t mince words, now does he?

And let’s not forget the exemplary General Michael Flynn, a man who has been persecuted—including the targeting of his family, his home, his career, and his life savings—and whose recent post on Telegram told us that the white hats have overcome the black hats, that it’s just a matter of time before all matters are settled.  He wrote:  “America First takes real courage!  But don’t give up hope.  It may seem difficult to you, but we have everything under control.  Justice is coming.  Share this post with all your Friends.  We need your support now more than ever!!”

And President Trump never disappoints with his latest messages on Twitter, either—which have taken on a Latin-American flavor, as he disguised his account a bit when Dorsey deleted his original account. Trump now goes simply by ‘Il Presidento,’ which has successfully thrown the Twitter enforcers off of the scent, at least for now.

In any case, on one of his recent posts, Trump shows that he’s never stopped spreading the message of enormous voter fraud in the November, 2020 election.  One of his posts on election theft reads:  “IL PRESIDENTO NEVER CONCEDED!!! NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL!!!”

Also, at the end of a message on election fraud in Georgia, he affirmed, “…Don’t fret, much other information will soon be revealed about Georgia—and other States as well.  It is coming out FAST and FURIOUS.  The 2020 Presidential Election was rigged!!”

Indeed, we all know that Arizona’s forensic audit is all but completed, with reports showing massive fraud—and that with Pennsylvania, Georgia, and other states following, it’s only a matter of time.  Actually, if Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia flip, it would be ‘game over.’  Remember that there is a Supreme Court precedent whereby election fraud vitiates everything—it would not necessarily have to go to the high court for review.

Trump also has been commenting on this election fraud in his rallies and in his recent CPAC speech.  And on a bit of a side note, look up Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s recent seven-minute tirade exposing a Twitter thread that outlined in a very eloquent way why Trump supports are calling ‘fowl’ on the November election.

Suddenly, Fox seems to be allowing discussing of this topic once again, as Fox News Host Laura Ingraham also commented in that regard.  Could it be that Fox is now realizing that the white hats have overcome the black hats—and so getting on Trump’s side may well be to their benefit?

In any case, getting back to Trump’s interesting Twitter messages, we also saw his video where he is hitting a golf ball that meanders right smack-dab into the White House.  And in another video, Trump is wearing ‘STORM’ shirt, and throwing a bowling ball down the lane, knocking down Biden and Harris and their administration as they all sit in the White House.

Also of supreme interest, we heard reports that Biden had cancelled the fireworks that Trump had ordered for July 4th at Mount Rushmore—but then we saw videos on Twitter of Trump and a large crowd having the fireworks there on Independence Day anyway.  Very curious indeed….

Then, more recently, another tweet of Trump’s caught our attention:  “Speaker Trumpo sounds interesting…BUT WE WON THE ELECTION SO IT’S PRESIDENTO TRUMPO!!!”  Then, right after that, we saw a photo of Trump in a winter coat, with this ominous caption directed toward the evil Cabal:  ‘Winter is Coming.’


And Trump also, very recently, re-tweeted a rather mysterious Attorney Lin Wood message, as follows:  “I enjoy a good game-o of dominoes.  It is fun-o to watch-o them fall-o.  My pal-o, il Donaldo Trumpo, shareth my love-o of Dominoes.  I see Georgia next to fall and I yell-o, ‘Timber-o!!!’”  These election-based messages are well in line with one of Trump’s comments at his recent Sarasota, Florida rally, where he declared:  “We won the Presidency.  Wait until you see what’s going to happen, because great, great things are going to happen!”  Now, he can’t be any clearer than that in terms of where things stand.

And amidst all of Trump’s recently flurry of activity, we also were excited to see his lawsuit against Big Tech, something sure to set those arrogant and nasty players back a few paces.  General McInerney referred to this recent development in one of his Telegram posts, where he commented on Trump’s live speech on this lawsuit:  “Are you watching the Trump speech live?  How many mentions of child sex exploitation?  This lawsuit will DESTROY Social Media.  Yes, Jack Dorsey is a known pedophile.”

Yes, the light of God is shining in full force on so many of these vermin, these cockroaches—who are scattering in all directions, trying desperately to hang onto power.

Now, although we do not know God’s exact timing on the Rapture, or whether He will forestall the evil-to-come a bit longer in this Country, we do know that we must come out swinging, with the full armor of God—and refuse to allow the evil Global Cabal/Deep State to gain even one more inch of ground.

This truly is our ‘line-in-the-sand’ moment.  For those who refuse to fight, who give in to fear, and who will not stand on God’s promises of strength and protection, we offer the sage words of one of our brave Founding Fathers, Samuel Adams, who was second cousin to President John Adams:  “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.  We ask not your counsels or arms.  Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.  May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

Undeniably, we were ‘born for a time such as this’—make no mistake about it.  Gospel musician Billy Falcon recently put out a song that mirrors that sentiment entitled ‘Never Surrender:  A Patriot’s Prayer.’  The lyrics and music are so very powerful and heartfelt.  Some of the lines are:  ‘We will never give up, never give in, never back down, never surrender…You serve your god, lord of the flies; I pity you when you meet mine.’  Also, ‘Tho’ I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, just keep goin’, keep on goin’…Jesus with me every step, just keep goin’, keep on goin’…Jesus closer than my breath, keep on goin’, keep on goin’.’

Falcon’s video, which is well worth a search and a viewing, does a good job of showing the wide scope of evil that abounds on this earth.  Upon reflection on this massive amount of evil, we all can see how badly human beings with power and wealth can so easily turn away from God—and we realize that humans simply cannot lead God-fearing and loving and prosperous lives if we go our own way.  We are fragile beings on our own, and thus need to stay connected very closely with our Lord and His Holy Spirit in order to maintain a life of goodness and peace and harmony.

And presented with this violent assault on our love of God and Country, We the People, we Believers in Christ, will not just roll over and yield our liberties—which were won with substantial amounts of the blood of our Patriots—to Satanic tyrants.  We will not deny our children and grandchildren the opportunity to live free and to prosper.

At present, there are a lot of moving parts to this war between Almighty God versus Satan.  America has now been attacked by bioterrorism, cyber terrorism, and an attempted theft of our national election.  The enemies are both foreign and domestic—yes, much of this ambush has unfortunately come from within.

And the world leader that our Lord has chosen to lead us at this time is President Donald J. Trump.  Trump has accepted that challenge, and subsequently engaged Satan’s Cabal in what could well be described as a high level game of chess for our very freedoms and rights.

Timing and momentum are of the utmost importance.  Once momentum starts building, it cannot stop.  And we see that everything, from every corner of this trembling earth, is currently converging at the same time.

Today marks the beginning of the final phase, fellow Patriots.  We are now in the last act of this unfolding drama.  The players are in place for the ultimate heart-stopping scene, and the curtain is set to rise:

It Is About To Begin…Nothing Can Stop The Truth…Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming…Nightfall Approaches, As The Tempestuous Wind Gathers In Ferocity…PREPARE FOR THE STORM UNLEASHED!!

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