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Op-Ed: Tax CEO on Trump Org Indictment – It’s A “Banana Republic Style” Attack On President Trump

Allen Weisselberg
Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg is facing indictments on tax charges including grand larceny in the second degree.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – As the CEO of one of the world’s largest tax specialty and accounting firms, the moment I read the news about the Trump Organization and its CFO being indicted in New York City, to say it stunk to high heaven would be an understatement. 

I warned about this pending indictment weeks ago and detailed why it was / is a total sham. Knowing the tax code is what I do, it’s the business I’ve built. That is why it is so frustrating to see the legality of the Trump Organization’s actions being transformed into an alleged wide-ranging crime spree as framed by radical New York Democrats. 

This is a fraud on the taxpayers of New York, abuse of prosecutorial power and miscarriage of justice. How bad is the “indictment”? Let us review. 

First of all, the state tax department and IRS have never raised concerns about the Trump Organization’s history of granting fringe benefits to their employees. Furthermore, the group of non-tax-experts seem to either completely misunderstand the IRS tax code or are willfully ignoring it to score cheap political points by persecuting allies of President Trump and his eponymous organization. 

The fringe benefits referenced in the indictment of the CFO are legal and could also be considered as corporate gifts, all on the up-and-up. And if, and I mean IF, we accept the premise of the indictment, are the NYC State Attorney and NY Attorney General alleging that the IRS and every other government agency involved in reviewing and ultimately accepting the tax documents from the Trump Org are somehow culpable in a crime?

President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, got it right when he called the indictment “Banana Republic type stuff,” because that’s exactly what it is. They couldn’t remove President Trump with two sham impeachments and a years long political witch-hunt known as the Mueller investigation, which began even before he assumed office. 

So, for Democrat elected officials who want to increase their name ID and political capital with the base, issuing this indictment is just another facet of their deranged wet dreams of locking up President Trump, and for that matter, anyone in his orbit who they have ensnared in this phony prosecution. 

This comes as no surprise, it’s simply what these authoritarian bureaucrats have done their whole lives on the public dime. They wield immense power that comes with immense responsibility, but are more focused on wielding that immense power to jail their political opponents than they are concerned about preserving the public’s trust by behaving responsibly. 

We may never know how many millions they wasted to concoct this Stalinesque indictment, however, it would be fair to say it cost millions. The people of New York deserve better than that. They deserve to be respected and their tax dollars spent by responsible adults who do not abuse the power of public office. 

Sadly, this week has shown us that they haven’t a care in the world for the people of New York. Instead they are driven by the hate in the hearts and have successfully used the power of the state in the most egregiously irresponsible way possible. 

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