Remaining Sections of Florida Collapsed Condo Building May Be Demolished Due To Ongoing Safety Concerns, Officials Say

Leaving 1 Dead So Far, Multiple Injured
Miami’s Surfside Champlain Towers South, which tragically collapsed June 24 – killing at least twenty people and leaving more than 128 unaccounted for – may have its remaining sections demolished due to ongoing safety concerns.

MIAMI, FL – According to reports, Officials in Miami are weighing the possibility of demolishing the remaining sections of the collapsed 12-story condominium tower – the Champlain Towers South, located in the suburb of Surfside – due to ongoing safety concerns; the section that suddenly collapsed on June 24 is currently responsible for 20 deaths and 128 missing persons.

Today marks the ninth day that rescue workers have been desperately digging through the rubble at the site of the collapse in an attempt to locate more victims, although the search efforts were temporarily paused on Thursday over concerns that remaining sections of the complex could also collapse on top of first responders.

The search resumed later in the day after conditions were deemed acceptable and new safety measures were put into place, reports say, but Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett announced on Thursday that officials are now mulling over the possibility of demolishing the remaining sections of the condo for fear that additional sections could collapse, especially in light of expected tropical storms and possible hurricanes.

“If the existing building is a problem, then we need to eliminate that problem quickly,” he said. “If the [remaining] building is going to fall, we should make sure it falls the right way.”

Elad Edri, the deputy commander of an Israeli search-and-rescue team assisting with the grim work at the site of the collapsed tower, told local Miami media that some are still hoping against hope that survivors may yet be discovered in “voids” buried in the wreckage of the collapsed tower.

“We tell it to the families: that we still hope, based on the lessons of the past…that it can be done,” he said.

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