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Op-Ed: It’s Not “Systemic Racism,” It’s “Systemic Murder”

People hold signs during peaceful Black Lives Matter protest march, one of many in San Diego County. One sign reads Defund Police.
People hold signs during peaceful Black Lives Matter protest march, one of many in San Diego County. One sign reads “Defund Police”. Oceanside, CA, June 7, 2020. File photo: Simone Hogan,, licensed.

DELYRAY BEACH, FL – After a year of chanting “Defund the Police”, the Democrats and their sycophants in the media, are now accusing the Republicans and President Trump for the increase in crime that is running rampant around the country. Can you believe the “chutzpah” of those people?

Most of the surge in crime is happening in many of the cities run and controlled by Democrats, and yet they blame Republicans. The “soft on crime” charge against those Democrat politicians can be traced to the policies that the Democrat politicians put into effect, including no bail for law breakers; emptying out the jails under the guise of the pandemic; radical district attorney’s elected with the funding of that Nazi sympathizer and Marxist/Socialist, and big Democrat donor, George Soros, who refuse to prosecute criminals; and the condoning of the violent antics of both ANTIFA and BLM; and, of course, the stupid exercise of “Defunding the Police”; all of which contribute to the spike in crime throughout the country.

In addition, the rhetoric and actions of the Biden Administration claiming that we are a “systemic racist country” has given impetus to the anarchist groups to go out and commit mayhem and murder.

The biggest losers happen to be the minority communities in the Democrat run cities. Week after week, the shootings and murders in the inner cities have become a national disgrace.  With Biden and the Democrats blaming “white supremacists” and “white privilege” as the biggest danger in our country (instead of blaming the real culprits, ANTIFA and BLM), they completely overlook that most murders and shootings are the result of black on black and minority on minority violence and not on police involvement.

Since the “Defund the Police” narrative has been blasted around the country, the police forces in those Democrat run communities, have experienced an excess amount of police retirements and outright resignations as the various police departments have been deprived of funds and support by the various local governments.

An irony in all this anti-police talk, is that, in order to find a scapegoat, they have accused former President Trump as the catalyst for the surge in crime. How ridiculous is that? It seems that no matter what bad things happen, the Democrats and the media can’t get Trump out of their heads.  It seems they forgot that it was President Trump who offered many of the cities under siege, extra law enforcement and National Guard troops, to help protect the cities under attack, but instead of accepting his help, he was confronted with cries of “storm troopers” and being a dictator.

So, when the Democrats and the media continue to shout “systemic racism”, don’t be fooled with that false narrative, the “systemic murders” and civil mayhem and violence is what is the main civil problem facing us. Hold the people responsible and accountable for those policies. The Democrats and the media are the one’s perpetuating this false scenario. You must vote the rascals out of office in order to bring back some semblance peace and civil order in our country.

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