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Op-Ed: Questions for Senator Schumer That No One Has Asked… Yet

Senator, Chuck Schumer, the all-powerful (Jewish) Senate Majority leader, has self described himself as Shomer Yisroel, claiming to be the staunch defender of Jews and Israel.
Senator, Chuck Schumer, the all-powerful (Jewish) Senate Majority leader, has self described himself as “Shomer Yisroel,” claiming to be the staunch defender of Jews and Israel. File photo: Lev Radin,, licensed.

BOCA RATON, NY – New York’s Senator, Chuck Schumer, the all-powerful (Jewish) Senate Majority leader, has self described himself as “Shomer Yisroel,” claiming to be the staunch defender of Jews and Israel. Now, with a gathering anti-Israel hate-storm at the UN, the recent war against the Jewish State waged by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, the overt support of these terrorists by the Biden Administration and the physical assaults on Jews in our own country by blacks, where is this guy? He’s nowhere to be found. So, we have some questions for Chuck, which we and the country’s Jewish community and their supporters would like directly answered by him:

Why did you not fly out to Jerusalem to attend the opening of our Embassy in Israel in May of 2018? As Senate Majority Leader, your absence sent a message to the world that Israel does not have the united support of our elected leadership. Were you ordered by your party not to attend? Do you now regret not having been present at this major, pro-Israel moment?

When BLM supporters marched through the streets of NYC, chanting “What do we want, Pigs in blankets!” and “What do we want – Dead cops!” you never condemned them. Why not?

The BLM manifesto proudly declares the group to be Jew and Israel hating. Why have you never called them out on their Jew unashamed bigotry? Are you fearful of AOC, in her planned run against you for your seat next year, calling you a “White/Jewish supremacist” if you were to protest their actions and hatred?


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When you originally voted AGAINST the 2015 Obama Iran Nuclear Deal, why did you not caucus with and urge Senate Democrats under your control, to also reject it?

And why did you apparently switch your position on this Deal when President Trump, in October of 2017, threatened to revoke this nation’s participation in it? You, at that time tweeted, “We won’t allow the Iran Deal to be undone,” indicating your support to keep the original Iran deal in place. Why the dramatic change in heart? Have the Iranians been acting as peace loving buddies of ours and Israel since the original signing? If a vote were held right now to re-enter the treaty, would you vote, “Yes” or “No?”

Do you consider The Squad, those outspoken haters of Jews, Israel and our own country, as dangerous? Why not call them out on their positions?

Do you support the “1619 Project” to be taught in our public schools? Just what about this perverted, distorted re-teaching of American history do you see as negative and positive?

You represent New York, the largest concentration of Jews in this country. Why were you the key supporter of Keith Ellison, a Louis Farrakhan, Jew hating leader in Minnesota and a former official of CAIR, a radical anti-Israel bunch of thugs, to be the Democrat Party’s Chairman back in 2016? Did you not know of his lurid background and elevated status in the Jew hating Muslim community?

And finally, do you support the overt Biden Administration’s moves to strengthen its relations to Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and at the same time pressure Israel to move out of the Golan and to immediately welcome a Palestinian State as its neighbor? You never overtly rebuffed President Obama when he downgraded our relationship with Israel. Will you do so now with President Biden?

We’ll be glad to publish and respond to your answers. You know how to reach us. Thanks for your replies.

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