Cops: MS-13 Gang Member In U.S. Illegally Suspected of Horrific Murder-Suicide In Virginia; Snuck Back Into The Country, According To Officials

Gang Member In US Illegally  Suspected of Horrific Murder-Suicide In Virginia
According to authorities, Jose “Little Crazy” Iraheta Palacios, 37, a convicted criminal, carried out the alleged murders of his girlfriend and her children. Photo: Manassas City Police Department, GoFundMe.

FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA – An MS-13 gang member residing in the U.S. illegally is suspected of engaging in a horrific murder-suicide where the convicted criminal allegedly killed his wife and two children before leaping to his death, reports say.

Jose “Little Crazy” Iraheta Palacios, 37, who was living in Virginia at the time, was discovered by police at approximately 6 a.m. Saturday sitting on the roof of a parking garage in Herndon while claiming he was going to jump. Palacios told the officers that he had killed his girlfriend and her two children during an argument over infidelity, cops say.

After police attempted to talk him off the roof for an hour, Palacios then jumped and plummeted to the ground, where he sustained fatal injuries upon impact, according to officials.

Herndon Police rushed to Palacios’ Florida Avenue apartment, where they confirmed the deaths of Palacios’ girlfriend and her two children – a boy, 9, and a girl, 10, according to their biological father – classifying all three as homicides, but authorities have not yet revealed their causes of death.

Palacios was a convicted criminal, authorities say; in 2015, following a three-month investigation into an incident involving the 2014 assault of a fifteen-year-old girl by members of MS-13, he was among those arrested and had pled guilty to multiple charges, including human trafficking, gang recruitment of a juvenile and three counts of gang participation.

Palacios was originally sentenced to nine years in prison, but a judge later reduced the sentence to two years, after which Palacios was deported; he soon snuck back into the country, according to officials. However, had the judge in question not suspended Palacios’ sentence, reports say he would still have been locked up today and unable to have carried out the alleged murders of his girlfriend and her children.

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