Prosecutors: 13 Year-Old Son Murdered After He Discovered Disgusting Photos Showing Dad’s Diaper Fetish Pics, Eating Feces

Mark Redwine, 59, is accused of murdering his 13-year-old son Dylan after images triggered a violent rage. Photo:: Splash News
Mark Redwine, 59, is accused of murdering his 13-year-old son Dylan after images triggered a violent rage. Photo:: Splash News

DURANGO, CO – After multiple delays, the trial has commenced of a Colorado man accused of murdering his 13 year-old son after prosecutors allege the boy had found “compromising” photos of his father dressed in women’s underwear while eating feces out of a diaper, reports say.

Mark Redwine, 59, finally appeared in court on Monday to answer to the allegations that he allegedly killed his son Dylan in November 2012 after the teen had possibly either alluded to having seen or had actually shown the fetish pictures in question to his father. The incident is alleged to have taken place at Redwine’s Vallecito home during a court-ordered visit during Thanksgiving 2012.

Prosecutors are accusing Redwine of then flying into a rage after being confronted with the existence of the pictures, murdering Dylan in his living room, dumping the body off a trail near his home, and then misleading police for months as to his whereabouts.

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“A damaged relationship, exposed with compromising photographs, photographs in the hands of a 13-year-old who is disgusted by it, which triggered a violent rage in the defendant,” prosecutor Fred Johnson said.

Parts of Dylan’s remains were discovered in 2013 and 2014 – without his wallet or backpack – and Redwine was finally arrested on charges of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death in 2017 after traces of Dylan’s blood were discovered in his living room.

Redwine is currently being represented by a public defender, who claimed that Dylan was estranged from his father and alleged that his death may have actually been due to a bear or mountain lion attack while the boy was running away, stating that a tooth mark was discovered on the boy’s skull.

Defense attorney John Moran said that the fetish pictures images “come from deep within Mark’s private life,” and claimed that Dylan had previously confronted his father about the photos, and that prosecutors did not have a case linking the teen’s death to them, nor did they have evidence that proves Redwine killed his son.

“Mr. Redwine…in addition to being innocent, lost everything,” Moran said. “He lost it all, and now he sits here with this demand for wrongful conviction.”

Former FBI profiler, criminal profiling consultant, and author Pete Klismet, after reviewing the details of the Redwine murder case, said that “I came to an inescapable conclusion. It had to be Mark.”

Dylan’s older brother Cory, who also claims to have also seen his father’s photos, has publicly stated he believes his father is responsible for the murder.

“I have seen the photos. It shows him wearing women’s clothes and makeup and a diaper and then eating his feces from the diaper. It was disgusting,” he said. “It’s exciting to know that justice is coming for my little brother. I believe they have the right man, but it’s still sad that we even have to go through this.”

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