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Op-Ed: How Do You Fight Bigotry And Racism With More Bigotry And Racism?

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A South Florida pride parade marcher is dead and another injured after they were struck by a truck driven by another parade goer Saturday evening at the Stonewall Pride Parade & Street Festival in Wilton Manors, just north of Fort Lauderdale.

BOCA RATON, FL – Recently, a motorist plowed into a group of Gay Pride Marchers in Ft. Lauderdale, killing one and injuring others. The first reports by the media and Mayor Dean Trantalis of Ft. Lauderdale, was that this was an act of “hate” against the gay community. This conclusion was reached before any investigation took place to determine what really happened. After a day or two, it was determined that is was an accident and that the motorist and passengers were not “gay haters”, but actually members of the ‘Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus’ who was wearing a gay chorus t-shirt. Why do the media and some government officials always seem to jump on the bigotry and racism bandwagon whenever a tragedy occurs to some minority, with the implication that it was some kind of right-wing conspiracy doing the dirty deed?

This was not an isolated incident as it has happened quite a few times in the recent past  Last summers riots erupted after the death of George Floyd in many cities around the country, with the false claim that Floyd was killed by a racist Minneapolis police force. As the whole scenario played out, and including the trial of police officer of Derek Chauvin for using excessive force on a perpetrator as he was being arrested for a crime, it turned out that was not the case.  That death of Floyd was used by the “racial arsonists” to justify the pillaging, rioting, the arson of stores and government buildings, and the assaulting of law enforcement officers. Did those agitators have a rightful claim or was it just used to justify their illegal behavior? Well, during the trial of the officer, who was found guilty of 2nd degree murder, not one mention was made that this was a racial incident during the trial, but that was the narrative by the media and politicians who wanted to blame “systemic racism” on the police and to the country as a whole, and to President Trump and his policies and rhetoric.

It seems that anytime an incident happens involving a minority, the “racial hustlers” try to tie-in bigotry and racism to the act, whether it applies or not (most times it doesn’t). In some cases this false claim is used to generate income to organizations set up to exploit this false charge that the United States is a “systemic racist” nation. The organization called BLM (Black Lives Matter) has used that canard to shakedown corporations to generate millions of dollars in donations. The BLM organization was founded by three black ladies who profess to be trained Marxist/Socialists. So it seems that their true motivation is not to help the black community, but to enrich themselves and to hell with people who could use some of those ill-gotten gains.

So, in the future don’t be so naive as to believe that what is reported, in the media and by politicians, is the gospel truth, especially when the people claiming bigotry and racism are actually the one’s who are practicing that bigotry and racism.

As our headline proclaims, you don’t fight bigotry and racism by more bigotry and racism. Our history over 250 years and the fact people from around the world desperately want to come here, should dispel this false charge of systemic racism and bigotry.

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