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OPINION: Almighty God Versus Satan: Stealth Bomber Incoming, Patriots Hold the Line

Almighty God Versus Satan: Stealth Bomber Incoming, Patriots Hold the Line

GREEN BAY, WI – The criminal Global Cabal/Deep State will stop at nothing—and they are most definitely in a state of desperation right now. Do you feel it? Do you sense the shift? After several months of living in something like ‘The Twilight Zone,’ we know that the tide has turned. The Titanic is actually, after all these months, changing course. And after all that we’ve learned concerning the systemic and all-pervasive evil in the world, we find that it is now impossible to go back to sleep. We cannot ‘unsee’ what we have already seen.

Nevertheless, we stay in the pages of Scripture for guidance, and thus find truth from Almighty God’s Word. We are immune to disinformation, lies, deceit, and propaganda. Our belief is solely in Jesus Christ and the Cross—that Christ was the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again—and we will stand up for our Lord and His Holy Bible at all costs.  Truly, our Sweet Lord is our anchor.

Now although we can sense that the war ultimately has been won against the ‘black hats,’ we also wisely realize that their ‘rear guard’ is desperate—and still maintains some power. We notice that when the ‘white hats’ make a move, the villains regroup and try yet another vicious angle.

So much has been happening in America and in the world, and so we need to turn off the corrupt media channels and then pursue those honorable heroes whom we have come to regard with such high respect. Folks like President Trump, Trump Attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, Lt. General Michael Flynn, Lt. General Thomas McInerney, Trump Aide Dan Scavino, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell—to name a few.


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And we notice that every one of these individuals is bold in pronouncing their Christian values and beliefs—and we realize that’s no coincidence. It is very evident that our wonderful Lord is working through these brave champions to reveal the epidemic of evil, up close and personal.

Will we see more of this revealing, or will we be Raptured this very day? Only our Lord knows the answer to that million-dollar question—but in the meantime, buckle up, as every day brings more news on this worldwide clash of good versus evil, the biggest battle of most of our lifetimes—by far.

Now let’s start with some of the recent goings-on, beginning with the monetary news. We see that the Cabal’s ‘Great Reset’ is hitting roadblock after roadblock. The first punch-back came when Trump introduced the vaccine, a counter to their plan to shut down the entire planet into infinity—during which time they would bring about their nefarious blueprint for global takeover and domination.

We also see that the Federal Reserve now says that inflation will be higher than they had originally thought—this, as most every commodity has already taken a hike in price. Not to worry, however, as it looks like Trump’s new Quantum Financial System is being implemented, which is a new way of doing business—a method whereby the 300 or so elites in the world who control most of the money cannot use their power to live off of the middle class any longer.

Also of note is the rampant rise in crime in progressive, democratic-run cities throughout America—cities that have been run by the far left for decades. These radicals also continue to push for police defunding—all in an effort to enact a federal-based police state. Nevertheless, as time goes on, these poorly-run states will become more and more run down, and people will see the difference and wake up.

And as if trashing this country isn’t enough for the Biden/Obama administration—we all know Obama is probably running things—during the recent G7 Summit, we also saw Biden allowing the Deep State world leaders to take advantage of America once again.  Of course, this all was part of the far left’s wicked plan to steal the election, and then resume Obama’s progressive/America-last agenda—to bring about their Great Reset, whereby the USA is brought under the authority of a one-world, Communist government.

But this nefarious group may well have met their match with the comprehensive forensic election audits now taking place. Actually, we already have been told that Arizona has completed the hand-count portion of their undertaking, and is now in the process of doing a paper examination. As well, there are reports coming out of Arizona that many ballots are missing—and huge discrepancies are expected between the number of ballots certified and the number available to be counted.

Yes, this story gets more and more interesting by the day. And we know that Arizona will serve as the ‘gold standard,’ in terms of other states performing similar forensic audits. Indeed, delegates from 13 states already toured the audit facility in Maricopa County, Arizona—and more will follow. President Trump is encouraging states not to be intimidated or suppressed, and to show courage under fire. These 13 states that visited Maricopa County include: Washington, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Michigan, South Carolina, and Missouri.

Interestingly, Lt. General Michael Flynn recently spoke up on this election audit situation. In a June 9th interview on Flashpoint, which included former CEO of Overstock Patrick Byrne, Flynn asserted

“In the next three to four, probably, weeks, maybe less…we’re going to see, out of Arizona and out of a couple other places, probably Georgia, we’re gonna’ see some real bombshells…that are just gonna’ shock everybody….  So, all of the media that have been talking about these conspiracy theorist people like me and Patrick and Sydney and others who have been out there, Michael Lindell, these aren’t conspiracy theories. These are real things that have happened.  The election was clearly misappropriated, stolen, however/whatever word you wanna’ use, and now the discovery of evidence is starting to come to light.  And I think we’re gonna’ see it in droves in a couple states, and not just Maricopa County in Arizona.”

Attorney Sidney Powell also weighed in on this in a June 13th Telegram message:  “#BREAKING @OANN reporting 254,000 bad ballots in Maricopa County.” Keep in mind that Biden ‘won’ that county by about 10,500 votes! (Editors Note: disputed)

Of course, the Biden, or shall we say Obama 2.0, administration is not about to surrender without a bare-knuckles fight. And we saw this when Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland threatened to get involved in the Arizona audit.  Luckily, Arizona lawmakers were not intimidated. In fact, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers actually warned the AG, “You will not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison.” God Bless Senator Rogers; this is the courage of which heroes are made!

Now, let’s stop and contemplate what would happen if the news media refuses to report on the true results of a potentially-overturned election in Arizona. What then? Well, since the Military are sworn to protect the Constitution—and thus a duly-elected President—we know that this would be all the impetus that the Military would need to take action.

Keep in mind, also, that there are between three and five states that could be audited very quickly. Additionally, if the results in Arizona show blatant fraud, there would be no need to audit other states, as these same election machines and maneuvers were used in other countries and states—and the white hats have all of the proof that they need, and then some!

How do we know this? Well, reports from several credible sources—including Mike Lindell and Patrick Byrne—indicate that advanced quantum technology via the U. S. Space Force captured election data in real-time on November 3rd.  ‘Real-time’ data is data that cannot be changed, by the way. They know exactly what happened—they have it all!

Now, the corrupt main stream media used to run the narrative for America, but they have been effectively neutered at this point. No one believes their lies anymore. On June 12th, President Trump put out a message on how the media has done a 180-degree turn on many stories: He wrote, “Have you noticed that they are now admitting I was right about everything they lied about before the election? Hydroxychloroquine works; the virus came from a Chinese lab; Hunter Biden’s laptop was real; Lafayette Square was not cleared for a photo op; the “Russian Bounties” story was fake; we did produce vaccines before the end of 2020, in record time; blue state lockdowns didn’t work; schools should be opened; Critical Race Theory is a disaster for our schools and our Country; and our southern border security program was unprecedentedly successful.”

And when we look more closely on the Covid issue, we also saw that Robert Kennedy, Jr., the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, asserted in a Daily Clout interview that Bill Gates bought out Dr. Anthony Fauci years ago—that Gates actually bought Fauci his $189,000 home in Seattle. Kennedy went on to state that there was a plan between these two conspirators, whereby Fauci would develop the drugs and pass them onto the drug companies, and Gates subsequently would guarantee markets in Africa through his control of the World Health Organization (WHO). Kennedy explained that Gates can force countries to take certain drugs and vaccines because the WHO actually supplies the drugs to these countries.

Also of note, although Dr. Fauci was glorified as a saint by the crooked media, it now looks as if he has ties to the funding of research on Covid. He admitted that the National Institutes of Health funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology—but denies that the funds were for ‘gain of function research,’ which refers to research that would make the virus more transmissible for humans. Yet, this assertion by Fauci has been questioned by many, as he has actually in the past praised this type of research. Fauci also has previously admitted that there is no way of really ascertaining whether researchers in Wuhan carried out ‘undisclosed’ gain-of-function research.

Thus, Fauci seems to have done a nosedive in terms of his reputation in the public eye, similar to what we saw with Andrew Cuomo and so many others who were falsely touted by deceptive press outlets.

Now, changing gears a bit, there has been commentary floating about on many of the Washington D. C. federal buildings suddenly being closed to the public. Attorney Lin Wood recently commented on this development on his Telegram account, where he said that a Washington Post reporter called him asking about his position on forensic audits, and he told her that these types of audits of November, 2020 should be done in every state.

Attorney Wood went on to mention in this post that he also asked the reporter why the federal government buildings in Washington, D.C. were empty. This gal agreed that Washington D. C. did indeed look like a ‘ghost town.’ Wood then elaborated on what happened next: “I pointed out to her that the primary function of a free press was to serve as a watchdog over government, so perhaps she could get answers for the public on why D. C. is essentially at a standstill.  She said she assumed everyone was telecommuting. Telecommuting??? Okay. WaPo has weighed in. Everyone go back to sleep. Nothing unusual going on in the country.”

Attorney Wood’s reporter story undoubtedly encapsulates exactly what has happened to ‘freedom of the press’ in America. If information doesn’t fit a certain far left, radical/progressive viewpoint, it gets shut down immediately. By the way, Wood also added the following in his conversation with this reporter: “I also asked the WaPo reporter why Joey ‘Bribes’ Biden was sworn in several minutes before 12:01 p.m. as I watched the ‘live’ inauguration “ceremony” on TV on January 20, 2021. The reporter asked what I was suggesting. I told her I was not suggesting anything. I was just asking a question.”

Good grief.

But enough of the negative. Let’s get on to those Patriots in America who are heroes in their own time. Such as General Michael Flynn. He’s been as upbeat as ever, and extremely open in his remarks, in terms of talking quite candidly on ‘white hat/good guy’ developments. We saw that in his June 5th Telegram message as follows: “President Trump will be back in the White House soon. I promise you that.” Subsequently, on June 8th, Flynn posted a video with Trump saying that there are bad people doing bad things. Then, at the end of the video, there is this message:  “Now it’s OUR turn, and the gloves are off….”

Beautiful. Simply beautiful!

Now, on to our beloved Lt. General McInerney, who posted on Telegram on June 10th:  “Joe Biden’s presidency is coming to an end soon.” Then, “Joe Biden will be removed from the oval office by any means necessary.” Can’t get any better than that, if that is true! Also, on June 13th, our illustrious lieutenant general wrote “Already have the intel from the Arizona audit that Trump won the state.  Will they announce it anytime soon?  Will they de-certify?  Will they get a judge to rule?”

And how about former Secretary of State Michael Pompeo’s recent Telegram posts? Such as one from June 10th“TeamTrump announced that they will share critically valuable information that will expose, confront, and destroy Biden. If you want to learn more and see the evidence, follow TeamTrump and wait for more news.”

That definitely sets our minds a-spinnin’! And then, on June 18th, we saw a video of Trump winning back in 2016, along with this message: “Who else remembers? 2020 would’ve been the same. Time for the truth to be exposed and to bring our true winner back!” Also posted by Pompeo: “Never forget that while the media glorified Fauci as if he was a Saint, President Trump was telling the truth about him the entire time.  Share this post if you believe in our legitimate President—President Trump!”

Now, another Patriot who provides continual inspiration is Trump Aide Dan Scavino, and we see this again in his Telegram message of June 6th, where he posted a video of President Trump saying “We’re gonna’ take back the White House, and sooner than you think”—and next to this video was a very mysterious message from Scavino that said “I think it’s time to end this.” Scavino then doubled down on this in a June 10th post, where he put up a picture of Trump, and then the caption “HE NEVER LEFT!”

Additionally, a few days later Scavino messaged a reference to the stolen election in November:  “They know they aren’t the majority.  They know they lost the election.  They also know justice is coming….  The truth will always come out!”  And for anyone wondering on just what he meant, the following post from June 18th clarified things quite a bit:  “Those who voted for Trump but gave up on him, will deeply regret it.  Go ahead and bookmark this.  Take a picture.  Write it on your refrigerator.  The scope of things to come is astounding.  All great things.  Power back to we the people.”  And this post included a wonderful photo of Trump boarding Air Force 1!

Now, we would be remiss if we didn’t end with Twitter and Telegram messages from the main ‘man-of-the-hour’ himself:  President Donald J. Trump.  We begin with a very enigmatic and recent tweet of his, which included a video of him saying, among other things:  “We’re gonna’ take back the White House, and sooner than you think.”  Then, a day later:  “The REAL ‘American Rescue Plan’ will begin THE SECOND I STEP FOOT IN THAT BIG BEAUTIFUL WHITE HOUSE!!!” As always, our Commander-in-Chief says it the way it is, no holds barred. How we all miss his outspoken and straightforward style!

We also saw another very interesting Telegram post from Trump recently, this one expanding on the Dr. Fauci debacle:  “There’s a reason Trump continued to push Fauci into the spotlight. We are the puppet masters now. There’s a reason these emails are just now being revealed. What is forced public exposure? Is there a benefit to allowing your enemy to open the front door? Thank you for playing.” This, by the way, was posted along with a photo of Trump giving Fauci a very odd glance.

Then, another interesting Telegram message followed. It included the video mentioned above, where Trump is saying, “We’re gonna’ take back the White House, and sooner than you think”—but alongside this video is the startling admonition:  “When the boss speaks, listen carefully.” Wow.  He can’t be any clearer than that.  Message received.

So, where does that leave us, in this never-ending saga of good versus evil? Well, we suddenly see many things happening all at once. In summation, we have election audits winding down, Covid origins being exposed, Gates and Fauci looking down the barrel of a gun, upcoming MAGA rallies, a pending Durham report, a threat by China to the U. S. if the Wuhan lab investigations continue, the resurfacing of the Hunter Biden laptop, and reported massive global military exercises—to name a few of the current happenings in America and in the world.

Moreover, we see the Global Cabal/Deep State, along with fake news outlets, trying to spin the information once again, trying to counter the truth—especially on the election audits.  Also of interest, Trump Aide Dan Scavino put out a story to the public that includes the words ‘Red Alert.’  Is that a warning that something is coming?

It sure looks that way. Nevertheless, the Patriots are now ready for the offensive. We the People are ready to hold the line.  We have seen the Deep State playbook, and countermeasures are in place.  Trump and the Patriots are making the evil ones feel the pressure. Everyday more and more information is dripping out, and more pressure is being applied to the wicked Global Cabal.

The hunters have now become the hunted!

And there also is no doubt to the discerning eye that the Military is absolutely in control, as they have taken a solemn oath to protect the United States Constitution, which includes answering to the duly-elected President—and they are aware that this November, 2020 election was stolen.

Nevertheless, even though they could have brought this to a head quite some time ago, they innately realized that We the People had to be woken up first.  We had to see this battle of Almighty God versus Satan up close and personal—so that we could man our own battle posts locally, and learn to do things for ourselves.  We are, after all, a government of, by, and for the people—so this makes complete sense.

And that enlightenment in America is happening. People are waking up; parents are addressing their school boards on the ‘woke-ism’ that is being taught in school; states are commissioning forensic audits to reveal the truth; and there is now a grassroots effort in play that involves Americans fighting for their Country—for their very God-given freedoms and rights.

And this all started when Donald J. Trump came down that escalator, after having shocked the world with his Presidential win. Of course, he knew, we all knew, that our Glorious God had stepped in on our behalf—this in response to our lifted prayers for justice to prevail.  Our Lord no doubt appointed Trump ‘for a time such as this’—and we all will be forever grateful!

Now, included in that list of Trump admirers is a Telegram subscriber by the penname ‘ShellShQck,’ whose bio indicates that he is a United States Marine. This man gave the most eloquent tribute to President Trump on Trump’s birthday, one which no doubt will bring tears to many of us, as we read his heartfelt commendation: “Happy birthday to the Best President America has had the honor of being led by.  45.

“Against all odds, preceded to stop the endless wars of the Middle East, lowered gas prices, lowered taxes on small business, increased employment and opportunities across ALL demographics, and brought a new peace from foreign nations never obtained by any previous US president.

“Meanwhile completely dismantling the Deep State Cabal, awakening the masses to their population mind control, putting massive dents in ending human trafficking for good, handling China’s bioweapon attack with precision, and putting a stop to border smuggling, all while receiving zero credit from the main stream media.

“Losing billions in personal wealth, and donating his yearly Presidential salary to charity.  You do not get the credit, or respect you deserve, but from your 80-plus million Patriots who do support you:  Happy Birthday.  You are a Godsend.  Thank you for all you do.  Semper Fi.”

As we head into the most transformational summer we have ever experienced at light speed, we maintain our faith and trust in Almighty God, for whatever is to come.  With the Lord and His power as their shield, Trump and his Mighty Military will need to cut the roots to kill the weeds, and the evil ones will continue on in their wicked ways ‘til their last dying gasp on this Earth.

But we are almost home.  Truly, it is almost over.  Stay strong.  And remember to continue to uphold that brave, unwavering United States Marine motto that we all hold in such high regard:  ‘Semper Fi’—Always Faithful.

For now, fellow Warriors in Christ, remain steady and hold the line:  Prepare for Stealth Bomber Incoming—BRACE FOR IMPACT!!

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