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Op-Ed: Ben & Jerry’s Learns Hard Lesson in Radicalism

Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop in Movie World's Gold Coast. File photo: Enchanted Fairy,, licensed.
Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop in Movie World’s Gold Coast. File photo: Enchanted Fairy,, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – The Ben and Jerry’s (B&J) outfit has hopefully learned the age old lesson that, “The best lesson for a Liberal, is a good dose of Liberalism.” It should also be a well deserved cure for that debilitating disease. This huge worldwide ice cream giant, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales that supports a seemingly unending list of social causes, is now the target of the Radical Left. Couldn’t happen to more deserving cowards. It seems that B&J strangely fell silent on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook during the recent Hamas attack on the Jewish State and the resultant Israeli return retaliation. Not usual for this brand that daily hawks its support for social justice causes to clam up for days. This bothered those Israel haters who expected them to outwardly support the terrorists and condemn Israel. The far Left Jewish Telegraphic Agency demanded an explanation for B&J’s silence against Israel that was disturbingly rewarded by further silence. Last year, following the death of George Floyd, the company immediately added a special section of its website devoted to combating white supremacy. These radicals want equal equity for Palestinians.

Back on May 19th, the you know what hit the fan when a radical Vermont group called for Americans to boycott the company for its continuing policy to manufacture its products in Israel and market them in the settlements. This, they claim is a human rights violation. Practically everything decent is now deemed such. “If Ben & Jerry’s wants to profit off of anti-racist messaging, they need to be consistent. The BLM movement has publicly supported the Palestinian cause. It’s time for Ben & Jerry’s to divest from their holdings in Israel,” writes this Bernie Sanders’s home state’s Israel/Jew hating group. These lunatics don’t understand that the Israeli Ben & Jerry’s is the brand’s only independent licensee, is widely popular in that country and can do as it wants in order to make money. Last year it even held a Purim costume party whose prize was a six-month supply of ice cream. And by the way, its Israeli plant employs loads of Muslims. Aren’t they considered “people of color” to these obviously dumb color blind dummies?

BLM activists identify with the Palestinians. “Both American blacks and Palestinians under Israeli domination are denied their basic human rights,” they howl to the moon. These haters point to B&J’s own statement, “We have a moral obligation to take a stand now for justice and black lives” and by failing to speak out against the occupation they feel B&J has little interest in justice for Palestinians. It seems that the corporate ice cream mavens know little about the craziness of the radical movement to which they have aligned themselves. They have not yet learned the lesson that when you associate with lunatics, you must forever ape their actions and beliefs to remain in their good favor. And don’t confuse that with this week’s B&J flavor.

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