Donald Trump: “I Never Admitted Defeat… I Have Not Conceded”

The comments came after Brody asked about President Trump’s recent interview with Sean Hannity.
The comments came after Brody asked about President Trump’s recent interview with Sean Hannity. File photo: Evan El-Amin,, licensed.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an exclusive, wide-ranging interview with David Brody on Real America’s Voice, the rapidly growing digital and linear news network, President Donald J. Trump said that he never admitted defeat in the 2020 election and has not conceded the election.

The comments came after Brody asked about President Trump’s recent interview with Sean Hannity. “I want to start with something you told Sean Hannity last week,” said Brody. “The headlines were about how you admitted defeat in the 2020 election when you said ‘we didn’t win’ … Did you admit defeat? I just want to understand that.” Brody asked.

“No, I never admitted defeat,” responded Trump. “I never used the word concede, I have not conceded,” he continued.

For the entire 16 minute segment, visit the Water Cooler with David Brody.

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Brody and President Trump then went on to discuss the mounting evidence of election illegalities and fraud being uncovered in Arizona, Georgia, and elsewhere. “There is a tremendous percentage [of the American people] that thinks the election was rigged and stolen,” said Trump.

The 45th President also noted that claims of election fraud are not new, referring to Hillary Clinton’s comments about his win following the 2016 election and Stacey Abram’s claims following the Democrats’ loss in Georgia. But, the President noted, “in this case there’s [actually] massive evidence.”

Brody also brought up the prospect of President Trump’s running again in 2024. “I think I’m just looking at what’s going on,” Trump responded. “I’m very unhappy about what’s going on…. I look at the border …. I look at other things. I look at it and I see what’s happening… It’s America last,” he said. “I think people will be very happy with the decision I make,” he continued, hinting at a possible third run.

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