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Op-Ed: Is This the Age of Pretend?


DELRAY BEACH, FL – There are certain absolutes in our lives like what is up is up and what is down is down, but not in today’s crazy environment of “pretend”. We are told to pretend, by the lefty loons, that boys can be girls and girls can be boys (regardless what your DNA shows); we are told to pretend that we are witnessing a peaceful protest when in the background of the reporter reporting on video, a business is being torched and burned to the ground; we are told to pretend that the biggest threat to the United States is not Communist China, Al Queda, and/or ISIS, but man-made global climate change (Pres. Biden actually said that); we are told to pretend that the Keystone Pipeline is a threat to our environment, but transporting energy by truck and rail is a far safer way to transport oil and gas in spite of dangerous spills as a result of accidents that might and have occurred; we are told to pretend that the invasion of illegal aliens coming across our southern border is not a crisis but just a “challenge”;  we are told to pretend that raising the minimum wage by government decree will not cause low-skilled workers to be unemployed as a result; also we are told to pretend that spending trillions of dollars for infrastructure in a bill that spends just 10% on real infrastructure, is a necessary expenditure. Do the liberals (a/k/a Democrats, Progressives, Marxist/Socialists) really think that most of the citizens are stupid and naïve?  The answer is yes they do.

In this topsy-turvy world we live in, you must wonder how people in authority can be so wrong on practically everything that is political. A good example of that is during the four years of President Trump’s term in office, no matter what he said or did, the knee-jerk reaction of the Democrats and the news media was that it must be bad, even if it was good for the country. They wanted us to pretend that President Trump was evil and shouldn’t be listened to.  Now that we have President Biden in office for just six months, the Democrats and the news media want us to pretend that whatever Biden and his administration has done or is doing is peachy-keen and good for the country. No mention is made of the various crises that have come about at the southern border, the unrest in the Middle East, the lack of many children not attending in-person schooling, no real condemnation of the wild accusations by the Squad (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley along with admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders) claiming that our democratic republic is a “systemic racist country”. They want us to pretend that everything Biden has done or is doing is the way to go and good for America.

How much longer can we pretend that everything done by the Democrats is good for the country and that everything done by the Republicans is bad for the country? Shouldn’t common sense raise it’s head and take hold of the silliness of the pretend world the anarchists want us to believe in? If we continue on this path of pretend we will become the antithesis of what our Founding Fathers gave us, “a democratic republic if we can keep it” (a quote by Benjamin Franklin). Pretending is O.K. for young children, but we must advance in the realm of reality of being adults and see and say what is true, and not pretend that nonsense is the real thing.

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