VIDEO: Crazed, Naked Florida Woman Tasered by Police After Trashing Two Restaurants, Reports Say

Crazed, Naked Florida Woman Tasered by Police after Trashing Two Restaurants, Reports Say
Responding officers arrested 53 year old Tina Kindred, who had been throwing and smashing multiple glasses and bottles while standing on the establishment’s bar completely nude.

OCALA, FL – A crazed Florida woman was tasered and arrested by police last week after she went on a rampage in her birthday suit and trashed two local Ocala restaurants in the process, reports say. On Tuesday, eatery Mojo Grill on Silver Springs Boulevard placed a call to 911, stating that a naked woman – later identified as 53 year old Tina Kindred of Ocala – was acting “out of control,” pounding on tables, flipping them over and attempting to get inside a customer’s vehicle. She then reportedly drove a vehicle recklessly around the parking lot.

While en route to Mojo Grill, authorities received a call about a woman matching Kindred’s description – including the naked part – who was in the process of destroying an Outback Steakhouse just down the road. Responding officers found Kindred there, who had been throwing and smashing multiple glasses and bottles while standing on the establishment’s bar completely nude.

When officers confronted Kindred, she threw three bottles at them before she was brought down with a taser and arrested. No police were injured during the incident.

A video of Kindred’s Outback Steakhouse rampage and arrest was captured by a bystander and posted on Twitter; please note that the video is very NSFW (Not safe for work) due to nudity.

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Kindred – who claimed that the reason for her naked outburst was due to the Mojo Grill owner being “dishonest” and refusing to serve her – was taken to a local area hospital for treatment; the only substance found in her system was THC, officials say, although a fentanyl patch was found on her pubic area.

Kindred has been charged with aggravated battery on law enforcement and felony criminal mischief, according to reports, and is believed to have inflicted thousands of dollars in damage to the two restaurants. She has a July 6 court date.

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