NYC Crime Wave Continues As 10 Year Old Shot and Killed Over Driveway Dispute with Neighbor

Justin Wallace
10 year-old Justin Wallace – who was described by his father as “smart” a “people person” and a “brilliant mathematician” – had been struck in the abdomen; he was rushed to St. John’s hospital where he was pronounced dead, police say. Photo: NYPD Crime Stoppers

NEW YORK, NY – A simple-yet-ongoing dispute over a shared driveway in Queens ended in gunfire on Saturday, leaving a 10 year-old boy dead and his uncle wounded as the crime wave that currently holds New York City tightly in its grip continues, reports say.

Albert Wallace, 57, had brought is son, Justin, to his sister’s home on Beach 45th Street in Far Rockaway Saturday evening for a visit, officials say. He was in the residence’s basement when he said that he heard gunshots emanating from outside, and rushed upstairs and outside to discover a horrific sight- his 10 year-old son, lying face-down and not moving.

“I go to my son, and when I turned him over, I see this pile of blood,” Wallace told The New York Post. “And when I saw the pile of blood, I said ‘Justin, Justin, are you OK, son? You’re not responding, You’re not responding.’”


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Justin – who was described by his father as “smart” a “people person” and a “brilliant mathematician” – had been struck in the abdomen; he was rushed to St. John’s hospital where he was pronounced dead, police say.

Wallace’s 29 year-old nephew – who lived at the Far Rockaway residence – had been shot, and was transported to Jamaica Hospital with a shoulder wound, according to officials, and is expected to survive.

Wallace told The Post that the shooting took place over a long-standing feud between his sister’s family and their neighbors over a driveway that they shared; his nephew had parked his vehicle in the driveway and was unloading it when a male neighbor demanded he move as soon as he could.

“What happened was my nephew didn’t move the car, he was unloading it and upset the [man],’’ the father said. “My nephew was going inside when the guy came running around … and [fired]. My nephew was opening the door, my son was inside the door, and he got shot.”

“He killed my son over the driveway?!” Wallace exclaimed, still in shock.

Police report that .9mm bullet casings were discovered at the scene of the shooting. The suspect fled the scene after the incident and is still reportedly at large.

New York City is in the midst of a surging crime wave; according to reports, shootings in May increased a whopping 73 percent, and crime overall is up 22 percent from the same period of time last year.

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