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Op-Ed: NY Attorney General Politically Persecutes Trump Family


Letitia James, a far-left ideologue currently serving as the Attorney General for the State of New York, is running a taxpayer funded revenge scheme against President Trump’s family. 

Letitia James
Letitia James is following through on a campaign promise she made years ago when running for that position; take down Trump no matter the cost or illegal nature of such an operation.  Editorial credit: Lev Radin /, licensed.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – In America, Lady Justice is supposed to be blind and prosecutors unbiased in how they bring criminals to justice. However, as we saw with the now-debunked Mueller investigation, that has been proven to be based on a fake foreign dossier that had less credibility than a jailhouse snitch, the political establishment is not beholden to this time-honored principle that has guided the American justice system in the past. 

When it comes to using prosecutorial and judicial power to come after Trump or his allies? The bar for those “investigations” to reach a courtroom are so low a salamander couldn’t make it through a round of legal limbo. 

So, with Trump out-of-office, enjoying private life and having relocated to Florida… what has the NY Attorney General decided to do? Letitia James is following through on a campaign promise she made years ago when running for that position; take down Trump no matter the cost or illegal nature of such an operation. 

Weeks ago, Ms James announced that she was launching a criminal probe into the Trump Organization, which will extend to Trump himself and his children. What is the probable cause? What are the charges? 

That’s where it gets extremely murky. 

Although the state of New York and IRS have had the businesses returns for decades with no issue, AG James is running a “pressure campaign” on his close associates and top employees, using the threat of jail time for crimes she claims they have committed (no matter if they haven’t or not), to dangle the carrot. If they parrot her talking points about the Trump Organization and the Trump family doing something improper, they won’t go to jail or have their sentences reduced, even though no trials have started or reached a sentencing phase. 

This is a common tactic of prosecutors who have no evidence for the claims they are making to the media, but in order to continue showboating and to build a profile for future runs for political office, they play the media and their political base like a fiddle to keep the “Big Lie” going. 

As a Hispanic, this reminds me of why our families left Communist Cuba and Socialist South American countries, who regularly use political persecutions like the one NY AG Letitia James is running to silence and jail their political rivals. 
It’s also a reminder how a high tax state like New York can take revenge on wealth creators like Trump who have begun transitioning their wealth to tax free states like Florida, which puts a strain on wild spending habits of places like New York and California that rely on incredibly high tax rates to stay afloat.

This migration prevents them from “robbing Peter to pay Paul”, a reference any legitimate Christian should recognize from the Good Book. As a member of the Forbes Council and CEO of Engineered Tax Services, I have seen this type of foolishness before. It, more often than not, is born of political retribution or personal animus; it’s rarely based in tax law or actual documentable offences. There is no probable cause, only a very clear-cut political desire for Letitia James to do this. As I have advised clients in the past in similar situations, fight this like hell President Trump.

New York can no longer rob President Trump to pay for their far-left social policies and anti-police agenda that has sent New York City into a death spiral… so NY AG Letitia James is using the power of the state to confiscate not only his freedom, but his wealth. 

This should scare each and every American. 

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