COPS: “White Supremacist” In Texas Was Planning Mass Shooting, Specifically Mentioned Walmart, Captured by FBI, Secret Service, Police

An apparent White supremacist in Texas has been arrested for planning a mass shooting at a Walmart, police said Sunday.
An apparent White supremacist in Texas has been arrested for planning a mass shooting at a Walmart, police said Sunday. 

KERR COUNTY, TX – A Texas man has been arrested by the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) after authorities intercepted his alleged plans to conduct a mass shooting at local Walmart shopping center, reports say.

According to authorities, Coleman Thomas Blevins of Kerrville, 28, was taken into custody on Friday on a warrant for a Terroristic Threat to Create Public Fear of Serious Bodily Injury. Additional charges may be added, officials say.

He was tracked down by the KCSO Special Operations Division in the 1000 block of Junction Highway, officials say, in coordination with the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigation Division, the Kerrville Police Department’s Patrol Division, the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service.

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Authorities had intercepted a message on Thursday that Blevins – who officials say is an alleged White supremacist who has an “affiliation and networking with extremist ideologies” – was planning a mass shooting and specifically mentioned Walmart, prompting police to make the arrest.

After Blevins was taken into custody, a search warrant executed at his home turned up “firearms, ammunition, electronic evidence, concentrated THC, and radical ideology paraphernalia, including books, flags, and handwritten documents.” Blevins, who is not allowed to possess firearms due to a convicted felon on probation, is currently being held on a $250,000 bond at Kerr County Jail.

Sheriff Larry Leitha issued a statement on the arrest, noting that suspects like Blevins should serve as a reminder of the needs to always remain vigilant.

“Many think ‘that can’t happen here’, and it was well on the way to happening,” he said, “Our investigators did outstanding work in this case, and possibly saved many lives. The plot interrupted in this case is unthinkable. We appreciate the assistance of all our law enforcement partners, including the FBI, DPS, KPD, and Secret Service. We’d like to remind the public – if you see something, say something.”

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