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OPINION: Almighty God Versus Satan: Sunbeam, As The Cockroaches Scatter


GREEN BAY, WI – If you know, you know. Indeed, there is so much going on in America and in the world that points to a massive, global war between Almighty God and Lucifer. We see it very clearly if we but turn off the television, with its usual streaming of lies and more lies—straight from Satan’s mouth.

Dependable news outlets, such as Epoch News and One America News Network, still provide the truth, however. And people are flocking to these sources more and more every day. Many are finally waking up, although experts tell us that some will remain asleep no matter what.

Nevertheless, we who seek God’s truth and wisdom continue soldering on, looking for the ‘gold nuggets’ scattered about…those little tidbits that sustain us on this ever-growing wicked planet. A planet that sadly has been overrun by Satan and his Satanist minions, eager to choke out every last bit of God’s Holy Bible and what it stands for.

Still, it will do our hearts good to review some of the latest happenings, in terms of ‘white hats’ versus ‘black hats.’ For starters, we see that the fake Biden administration currently is trying to explain why we are seeing inflation. We see gas prices moving up, also, as well as corn, wheat, lumber, etc. And this will only get progressively worse, without a doubt, as a result of progressive and clueless policies.

Additionally, the West and Central Bank plan is unraveling. However, countries are not going along with the Central Bank’s one-world corporate tax plan, and the black hats are threatened by other currencies to the point that their fear is blatantly showing. Too bad for these evil followers, however, because Trump’s new Quantum Financial System is well underway.

Interestingly, International Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on May 9th of this year posted an interview on YouTube that gave further information on just who is behind this corrupt Central Banking system worldwide. Dr. Reiner states in this discussion that many different experts from all different fields of science—including doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, economists, lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists—are in agreement that what has been going on globally with the Covid lockdown is part of the worst crimes ever committed against humanity. They concur that this mass delusion of the general population even tops WW1 and WW2 in its treachery.

Dr. Fuellmich explains that globalism got us to this point, and that private corporations run by the super-rich are behind this diabolical ‘world takeover’ plot. These corporations are responsible for the financial crisis thirteen years ago—at which point they merely started to print money to keep the unsuspecting under their control. This vile group consists of self-appointed political and corporate elites.

For years, these disgusting dictators have been stealing the taxpayers’ money all over the world. This is all about taking everything away from the hardworking population in order to accomplish three goals: make the people dependent upon government, reduce population, and then gain control over those individuals who are left.

Dr. Fuellmich goes on to state that this diabolical group consists of about 3,000 people of super-elites, which he and his colleagues refer to as the ‘Davos clique, who are running this devious operation. This clique uses money to buy people in the hospitals, and also doctors and politicians—and they also use psychological techniques to manipulate people, or they simply bribe people.

This evil Global Cabal have now come up with Covid as their latest tactic to ensnare the population within their grimy little fists. Dr. Fuellmich further explains that all lockdowns are based upon the Drostein test, but he stresses that it has been proven that this test cannot show anything about infections! The test is a complete hoax, and is merely designed to bring about a lot of false positives. In other words, this test makes people who are not infectious appear as though they are.

Luckily, there are two decisions that already have been handed down by some within the global court of law confirming that these Drostein tests do not tell us anything at all about infections. Soon, there will be class action suits put out—and there are already some pending. Hence, the good guys are winning some court battles, but will be winning many more in the near future!

This good doctor then asserted that we are at a tipping point, where the power structure will change—at which point the class action suits for damages will be able to go forward. The white hats can then go after the pharmaceutical industry, big tech, and perhaps the financial industry, as well. He added that we may eventually need ‘Nuremburg 2’ Military tribunals due to the vast scope of this international criminal operation.

And we can rest assured that there are many street-fighting warriors like this great lawyer/doctor who are bravely fighting back hard on behalf of this great country. So many things are happening behind the scenes as a result.

Another such Patriot is, of course, Trump Attorney Lin Wood. At the recent Patriots Unite event in Dalton, Florida, it was reported that someone in the crowd asked Attorney Wood about Biden, and that he subsequently responded, “Do you mean the late, great Joe Biden?” At this event, Lin also said that “all of those Georgia political officials are going to jail.” Moreover, Wood later was heard cryptically asking the crowd, “Where’s Comey and Hillary?” Where indeed….

Now, sources at the event also asserted that Attorney Wood told those present that when all things are revealed, they will be shocked at how many people thought to be dead actually are alive in witness protection. Wood also said that Princess Diana knew what was going on within the Windsor family, and was planning on spilling the beans publicly—and so in his opinion, either the Cabal had her killed, or she faked her own death.

Wood further stated that at some point, the Military will take over the television airwaves—but that we may still be in for some difficult times ahead, as this battle between good versus evil winds down.

All of this to fight back the Cabal’s promotion of Marxism worldwide, especially in these ‘last-domino-to-fall’ United States of America. They have already decimated Europe, whose Central Bank is totally broke due to their purchasing of bonds and paper that are worthless—and whose pension funds are completely shattered, as well.

And we know that China is a big part of this evil organization, as we see that this communist country has purchased many people in America—including quite a few in government, media, academia, sports, big corporations, and big tech—to aid them in promoting Marxism. Remember that China is a technology/digital dictatorship—and they are pushing their Marxist doctrine in the USA via these progressive surrogates.

And speaking of the progressive/woke elites, we see that their new religion has become racism—and that they are promoting feelings over facts, although we all know that running the world according to feelings, and not God’s Scripture will never work.

Yet they are foolishly pushing to have government replace Almighty God. Far left liberalism and a ‘social justice gospel’ has invaded society in America—and even the Church. And now fear has been added to the mix, which has caused many to immediately give up their freedoms and their rights—and to trust that government will provide everything. The evil Cabal also pushes devotion to the contrived climate emergency so that they can maintain control over We the People’s lives, control that they have easily achieved through the China virus.

Now, in rounding up recent comments from those whom we have our utmost respect, General Michael Flynn certainly tops that list—and we also know that he is very close to Trump these days. Interestingly, in an interview on ‘Greg Kelly Reports,’ Flynn stated that the President could, in the swing states, order Military capability in those states and basically rerun the election in those states. Flynn also added that this would not be unprecedented, that Marshall Law has been enacted 64 times in America, and that we must follow our Constitutional process.

And a delve into General Flynn’s recent telegram messages also is very revealing. On May 6th, Flynn messaged: “U.S. Military has everything it needs, will not wait for completion of audits. Trump won. They know it, will expose it and all involved. No one will live in The White House again. Trump will be back. May, June, July, D.C. Military operations underway now. Trigger.” Then, he posted on May 7th: “We can’t wait for the moment to come when we’ll say Donald Trump is back and we’ll leave the short Biden era behind! Share if you can’t wait too!!”

Also on May 7th, we saw on Flynn’s Telegram: “He never left.” This was next to a picture of Trump getting into Marine One by the White House. And the following message came on the same day: “Are you ready for arrests? Listen closely. Everything was planned to be this way. Bill Barr betrayed us and we saw it coming. Pedophile Mike Pence betrayed us. Patriots in the intelligence agencies and Military have it all.”

As we move forward to Flynn’s later messages, on May 13th, we noticed: “Coming. Back. Soon.” This post included a photo of Trump captioned ‘Trust the Plan…WWG1WGA.’ Then, on May 19th, Flynn messaged: “Who’s in control right now? Financial Biden. Everything else, The Military. The Military does not accept orders from Biden. He’s not allowed in The Pentagon. They continued to follow mission orders from Trump before he left office. And they’re making their own decisions. The National Guard is controlled by State Governors. The U.S. Military is under the Command of a legitimate President. Biden’s Secretary of Defense has zero say in what is happening. (General) Milley is out of the loop. He has conflicts of interest and is excluded from some operations.”


And finally, Flynn’s May 23rd message: “The end of the game is approaching.” This message included a video with a picture of John Durham and the letter ‘Q,’ alongside former President Obama, with the words ‘Pain Incoming.’ It also contained a picture of Trump with the caption ‘Now It’s My Turn,’ and then another photo of a soldier looking at his watch with the subtitle ‘The Time Is Coming.’

It sure does look like General Flynn has opened up these past few weeks, no longer cryptic in his messages. But then, what else would we expect during the ‘beginning of the end,’ as so many sources are saying this is?

Now, we also have another well-revered general opening up more and more these past several weeks. And that would be none other than our beloved General Tom McInerney. And his Telegram messages are as revealing as it gets, starting with his May 12th post, which is short on words, but heavy in meaning: “Military is in control.” This is posted along with a ‘Business Insider’ article on more than 120 retired generals and admirals questioning Biden’s mental health.

Then, on May 14th, we saw the following post on McInerney’s channel, which is in regard to the ongoing Arizona election audit: “The image is of all the files that have been UNDELETED. That shows that it was recovered by the forensic IT teams. It does not show us that they were deleted, it is to show that they HAVE IT ALL.”

Also on May 14th, our noble general posted: “Trump had the military watching everything on election night. Why do you think people like Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, and Lin Wood speak so confidently about the election? Kash Patel and Devin Nunes played a major role in putting together a team of Patriots monitoring everything on election night. We have it all.” This message was followed by: “The Trump Card = We know who the traitors are…now to clean up this country. Enjoy the show.”

General McInerney’s last Telegram message on May 14th was in regard to more of the main stream media’s elites taking a fall: “Pedophile Don Lemon has been obliterated. One by one they all will fall!” This post was next to a picture of Don Lemon announcing his departure from ‘CNN Tonight,’ and the general is referencing the pedophile aspect of the evil Global Cabal—and we know that this malevolent practice is threaded throughout all of the Global Cabal/Deep State’s nefarious activities.

We also saw two very interesting messages from General McInerney on May 17th that displayed a big red ‘X’ over a photo of Bill Gates and also over a photo of Jeffrey Epstein. This would be in line with what many of us believe to be the recent demise of these two vulgar human beings. McInerney also has a photo up of Dr. Fauci, but this photo only has one red line over it, perhaps indicating that this annihilation is now in the works—as evidenced by the general’s next message, which reads, “Expecting Dr. Fauci to resign or retire very soon.”

Yes, it looks very much like the main stream media is ‘going down,’ as we see in another of the general’s May 17th Telegram posts: “Dear Rachel Maddow, Your time is about to expire. Yours truly, General ***.’ Those last three stars no doubt refer the General McInerney’s three-star rank. But the reference to Maddow is interesting indeed, as we now notice her suddenly going after Lin Wood’s credibility and also followers of ‘Q’—and this would make sense, because if she is the next target of the ‘white hats,’ she would indeed be acting quite desperately as a result.

Now, all of these Cabal members ‘going down’ at this point makes us wonder ‘Why now?’ It would make sense to many of us, however, as President Trump and the Military may well be putting pressure on these abhorrent individuals behind the scenes, letting them know what is coming down the pike if they don’t agree to come clean and admit their crimes to the public right now. In any case, many of them sure seem to be switching their stories around and adopting different/better postures these days. We shall see….

Meantime, rest assured via credible reports that our President remains firmly protected by our elite United States Delta Force. Their loyalty for this brave and selfless man knows no bounds—nor does any of ours during these unyielding times.

Now in getting back to General McInerney’s posts, we zero in on his latest Telegram message, which says it all, to those of us ‘in the know’—and that message of his is stark in its content: “Q day.” Sounds like something very imminent and ominous indeed.

Now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also has been more ‘out there’ in his Telegram messages of late. No beating around the bush anymore with him, either, as we see from his May 9th message: “Biden cannot order the military to do anything, and can’t honestly answer questions about ongoing operations. The Pentagon does not recognize him as Commander in Chief. This is all just a bad movie that will end soon.”

Also on that day, Pompeo referred to some very intriguing things going on at the Capitol, as we saw with the following post of his: “What’s going on in U.S. Capitol? Citizen Journalists are being detained and told to leave the area so no one can see why there are so many military personnel and vehicles, black govt. SUV’s and ambulances in view.” Oh, to be a mouse in the corner on that one….

Then, more recently on May 13th, the former Secretary of State messaged: “We can’t wait for the moment to come when we’ll say Donald Trump is back and we’ll leave the short Biden era behind!” Pompeo then reposted the following Telegram message from Dan Scavino: “Justice will be SERVED! Stay Ready. #BIGNEWS #SOON.”

And we saw another very motivating message later on May 19th, where Pompeo posted an aged photo of JFK, Jr., who many say is still alive in witness protection, next to a photo of Trump, with the caption ‘A STORM IS COMING.’ And the message that followed explained what Pompeo meant: “I know the military is committed. They will not wait for audit results. They have a timeline. When simultaneous missions here and abroad are completed, they will implement the first phase. Then a Hard Martial Law, Population Control, Confessions, Transitions, and transfer of power.”

Now another great source in gauging just exactly what is going on behind the scenes is the wonderful Trump Assistant Dan Scavino. On May 14th, he posted the following alongside a picture of President Trump: “The one and only TRUE HERO of our time! I am glad that I’m alive to see this man win 3 presidential elections in a row! How about you?!” And then: “We know the TRUTH. DONALD J. TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT.” Followed by “They know they aren’t the majority. They know they lost the election. They also know justice is coming…. The truth will always come out!”

And lest we wonder who Scavino thinks is actually serving as our present Commander-In-Chief, his May 26th post says it all: “I’m not afraid. I won’t rest until the legitimate President is BACK. I STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP.”

Now, on another front, there’s one other interesting tidbit that shows us who really is in charge of our ‘Mighty Military.’ Did you notice that all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that were appointed by Trump during his tenure now remain in office. It’s true; look it up. Not one of them has been removed during the Biden term. Not a one.

And last but far from the least, let’s take a look at President Trump’s current tweets in our quest for encouragement, beginning with an enigmatic one from May 4th: “I have to fix this! This is the worst we have ever seen! I am standing up against this, will you?” Followed by “BIDEN IS DESTROYING THE COUNTRY SO OF COURSE I AM GOING TO FIX IT!” And then on May 5th: “I never left.”

Also of interest, Trump makes no bones about who he follows for courage and moral support, and that is, of course, our Lord Jesus Christ. We see this reflected in one of his May 6th tweets: “A lot of people are afraid and they back down when you ask them what they think religiously! I AM NOT AFRAID ALTHOUGH I WALK THRU THE SHADOWS FOR I KNOW HE IS WITH ME!!! I Am here because he wants me to be here!”

Now, May 12th had a message that indicated our President may well be back in office very soon. He posted: “The great awakening” “I THINK IT IS TIME I ‘CIRCLE BACK,” along with a picture of himself winking at We the People. This was followed by “Trust the plan,” and then “We’re almost there!!!! Some more days to begin a new era for the whole world….”

And our dear man in charge still maintains his infectious sense of humor, as we saw in one of his May 15th missives, which boasted a picture of a large brick sign that read ‘Welcome Joe Biden – Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.’ We all are crossing our finger on that one!

Additionally, Trump’s May 16th messages included an inspirational “Justice will be SERVED! Stay Ready,” next to a photo of Donald Trump getting ready to board Air Force One. And then on May 20th, he encouraged us with “Raise The Flag, Say The Pledge!” More is coming…Get Ready.”

Trump’s recent Telegram messages also provide a peek into the goings-on behind the scenes, as well as his train of thought during these trying times. We begin with one of his May 11th posts: “How did Trump win the 2016 Election as a private citizen and then ‘lose’ the 2020 Election as President with a clean house, and the U. S. Military standing behind him? Trump ‘losing’ and letting Biden take over was a part of the plan from the beginning.”

And yet another piece of the puzzle was revealed in a May 15th post by Trump: “Paint the picture. Put the puzzle together. The boss didn’t bow down in silence with such ease; he quietly began the final phase. Every lie will be revealed. Just watch. Nothing can stop what is coming….”

Moreover, one of Trump’s May 16th messages address the fearful stance recently adopted by the main stream media. He posted “Panic runs DEEP when you’re guilty of TREASON and Crimes Against Humanity, which is why the MSM is pushing every last effort of theirs in hopes of outlasting and surviving the inevitable Trump card, which we all know is getting very close to being played.”

Then, on May 20th, our President posted a video on Telegram of a Fox News host asking him if he plans on running in 2024, wherein he replied, “Before 2022, something has to be done.” It sure doesn’t sound like he’s waiting until 2024 at all by that response, now does it?

And Trump also has something to say about the current election audits underway. On May 21st in an interview, Trump offered up the following observation: “(They’re) starting with AZ but there will be others. VERY interesting time in our country. How do you govern when you lost? We’ll see what happens….” At the bottom of this message, Trump then mysteriously wrote: “THE DIAMONDS WILL BE RETURNED.” We also were given some of Trump’s strategy in this battle of good versus evil in his post that followed: “Priority was to clean out the bad actors and to unite we the people behind the America First agenda.”

Also of interest, Trump sure doesn’t seem to be weakening on exercising the wheels of justice, as we saw in one of his May 22nd messages: “Rats Everywhere. Witch Hunt. NO DEALS.” And a few days later, he followed up with: “White Hats with the Royal Flush.”

Now, another of Trump’s memos from May 22nd provided to us a wonderful way to keep the faith. He posted “Truth of Covid Being Revealed: Fauci being contradicted and exposed more and more every week. Virus origins (Wuhan) uncovered. Tons of states now reopening. Mask mandates lifted across U. S. Vaccine passports banned. No more useless ‘lockdowns.’ Now ask yourself if this would be happening if Deep State really had power.” Now that one really hits home, and makes so much sense! And Trump’s next message expanded on this line of reasoning, as he told us that when we read on anything happening in this battle, we need to ask ourselves if it would be happening if the Deep State were pulling the strings.

No, they would not.

Now, we must remember that Trump and the Military will never show their hand. No good strategist worth his or her salt does. We would expect nothing less from these brilliant Warriors for Christ. And remember that the ancient city of Jericho was defeated because Joshua and his troops defied the ‘normal procedure’ of battle, never once fearing failure. Trump’s methods may seem irregular and even lengthy at times, but he knows what he is doing—and he wants to get through this with the least amount of casualties possible.

Now, we also notice, much to our surprise, that the evil ones seem to be playing right into Trump’s hands, as they many times state their intentions right up front! Yet we remember that this isn’t so shocking at all, really. In fact, it is a behavior usually seen from Satan and his minions—as they are so very arrogant and proud, that they always show their cards before they play them!

And we know that President Trump plays an excellent and unique game of poker, and that he’s merely waiting for the filthy Cabal to show their entire hand. At that point, he will abruptly and unequivocally counter it—and force them to fold. And after this quick maneuver by Trump, these contemptible cockroaches will meet with real justice, each and every one of them. As Attorney Wood always so very wisely observes: “Every lie will be revealed.”

Now, with Trump announcing the restart of his signature rallies, to include Florida, Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina, we see that he also believes that the Cabal is on their last gasping bit of decaying breath.

Thus, we Believers in Christ must remember to stay strong and keep the faith, and to do whatever we can from our own little corner of the world to help in this colossal fight for the Word of God, God’s beloved Country of America, and our precious families and friends.

Make no mistake about it. The disgustingly debaucherous Cabal is at the end of the cliff, barely clutching onto the edge of the dark abyss. Their time has come. Their reign of terror is about to come to a sudden end.

The Deep State is undeniably being exposed at every level. And they are scrambling from all of the fallout. On the election front, the audits are moving at a very fast pace. In fact, in a Newsmax interview, Trump said that the plan is moving at a faster pace than people realize. And we innately realize that the reason the Deep State is panicking is that they know that once the people see the truth about the elections, it is ‘Game Over.’

Moreover, as you see people like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci coming to the end of their rope, with even the corrupt main stream media turning on them, you know that Trump is delivering pain slowly and deliberately. When this is done, these depraved swamp creatures will not even be able to walk down the street. Their biggest fear is being realized, as the Patriots are rising up—and, truth be told, have actually already won.

You see, 100 million-plus armed and awakened Patriots is a very dangerous thing. And that overwhelming number only increases by the day—a multitude of courageous souls backed by the One True and Living God.

Keep waking up, fellow Believers in Christ, because this genie is never going back in the bottle. We the People, armed with the ferocious whirlwind of our Sweet Lord, are coming after the Synagogue of Satan—and we are attacking with a massive and long-deserved vengeance!

We watch in utter fascination as the Holy Sunbeam of our Lord and Conqueror shines Its Light upon the vermin, the filthy cockroaches, whilst they scatter in every direction—but with nowhere to hide. We remain steady and resolute in our conviction at this late hour, as we know that when it comes to the battle of good versus evil, Almighty God always wins.

Every single time. Remember, failure was never an option!

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