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Op-Ed: Let’s Cancel the “Cancel Culture”

Cancel Culture
Cancel culture has raised its ugly head by having demonstrations to remove, from public view, historical figures or statues that don’t conform to the thoughts or ideas of a small minority. Photo credit, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Imagine if the inmates ran the asylum or the jails, and they wanted to “cancel” other people’s views or speech, and the historical monuments that dot the landscape, because they didn’t fit into their radical philosophy, “we’d be up sh-ts creek without a paddle”, as the old saying goes, and those Marxist/Socialists will have exerted their will over the majority of peace loving citizens. Well, that’s what is being tried by that very vocal militant group of disgruntled losers who have infiltrated our political parties and in the news media.

What’s the matter with this scenario? When people are afraid to speak their minds for fear of being labeled a “racist” a “bigot” or worse, like losing their job, our society is becoming something our founding fathers tried to avoid when setting up our democratic republic by including the 1st Amendment to our Constitution.

The cancel culture has raised its ugly head by having demonstrations to remove, from the public’s eye, historical figures or statues that don’t conform to the thoughts or ideas of the small minority of very vocal Marxists/Socialists who get their destructive messages publicized by, in many cases, a sympathetic (or should we say destructive) news media.

Historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, Robert E. Lee, Andrew Jackson and others, have come into the cross hairs of the “cancel culturists.” Even well known and established products such as Uncle Ben’s Rice, Aunt Jemima pancake mix, and Mr. Potato Head, and even Snow White, have felt the wrath of these losers.

Some of the most vociferous opponents of the “cancel culture” are comedians who feel stifled in performing their comedy acts.  A-line performers like Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Corolla etc. have stated that comedy performances have been affected for fear of being labeled a “racist”, a “bigot”, a “homophobe” or some other epithet for making fun of other people or things that those unelected members of the “P.C. Police” deem verboten. In the past comedians made fun of anybody in a good natured way, and the people being made fun of laughed along with the exaggerations and jokes. No more. Supposedly, the sensitivity factor kicks in and people are easily offended, as the “cancel culture” people want you to believe.

This is not the United States, this “cancel culture” nonsense is a throwback to what happened in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and in present day Communist China.

Not too long ago, we had people in comedy who made fun of a person’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and it was accepted and laughed at as comedy by the people being made fun of. Today, that has all changed, and not for the better. If you say or do something that is looked upon by someone as derogatory or demeaning, the “P.C. Police” will try to nullify you and make your life miserable. You will be vilified, and in some cases, you’ll lose your job even if what they objected to happened decades ago, even in, some cases, their teenage years.

This attack on free speech must be confronted and stifled for us to enjoy the fruits of our democracy. We must not let these very vocal anarchists to “shut us up”. Whether you agree or disagree with another persons views makes no difference in letting those other views be spoken or heard. That’s what “free speech” is all about.

Enough is enough, let’s cancel the “cancel culture” and bring back free speech in all its forms and don’t let these anti-American lunatics run wild as they try to undermine our democracy and our history, whether good or bad.

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