Mob of Migrants Wildly Outnumber Authorities at U.S. Southern Border

Fox News drone crew captures large group of migrants rushing southern border. Photo credit: Fox News.
Fox News drone crew captures large group of migrants rushing southern border. Photo credit: Fox News.

HIDALGO COUNTY, TX – In exclusive video captured by the Fox News Flight Team, a brazen mob of approximately 40 migrants on Sunday made a daring dash across the U.S. southern border into La Joya, Texas, and both overwhelmed and outnumbered authorities – could do little more than watch.

The video depicts one U.S. Border Patrol agent attempting to chase the migrants on foot, but to no avail; the individuals managed to evade capture by climbing over fences and jumping over streams of water. A second agent attempted to pursue the migrants in a vehicle, but the sheer number of people crossing the border made it impossible for the solitary law enforcement officer to do anything about it.

Eventually, reports say, between 15 and 20 of the migrants were captured and placed under arrest; however, the remaining half – including two that were handcuffed together – managed to run off and get away.

A second group of 53 migrants – hailing from Romania, Venezuela, Guatemala and Honduras, officials say – surrendered to Border Patrol on Sunday, as opposed to trying to evade being captured.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott noted in an interview with Fox that he would be sending additional personnel down to the southern border to help supplement the beleaguered law enforcement officers already there, who are reportedly also dealing with record amounts of drug smuggling.

“The Texas Department of Public Safety patrols the border every single day and they’ve seen an 800% increase in the amount of fentanyl coming across the border,” Abbott said. “They’ve seized, this year, enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman and child in the entire state of New York.”

Guns are becoming an issue as well; reports also indicate that a migrant attempting to smuggle 16 firearms back into Mexico was stopped by authorities on Friday.

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