Parler Announces New Executive Leadership Team


HENDERSON, NV – Today, Parler, LLC announced its new senior leadership team that will guide Parler into the future. George Farmer will be taking over as Chief Executive Officer, Mike Hebert will moving into the role of Chief Operating Officer, and Patrick Galbraith will be the new Chief Technology Officer.

Mr. Farmer has been serving as Chief Operating Officer since March, and will be taking over the CEO role from the departing Interim CEO Mark Meckler.

Mr. Meckler, who will be completing his tenure at Parler today, was instrumental in leading the company back onto Apple’s App Store and providing incontrovertible evidence to Congress and the public that, in light of its efforts to notify law enforcement of serious threats and incitement of violence before January 6, Parler’s subsequent scapegoating and deplatforming was profoundly unjust.

Because of the work of Mr. Meckler and Mr. Farmer, Parler is now available for users on both Android and Apple devices.

Mr. Farmer issued the following statement:

“Parler began as a small, start-up company that differed from its Big Tech competitors in its commitment to the free market of ideas in the full spirit of the First Amendment. That is why Parler became the number one social media app of 2020. 

“For the past two months I have worked with an incredible team of people, under the leadership of Mark Meckler, to bring Parler back online and return to Apple’s App Store after we had been unfairly maligned by the media and its allies in Big Tech and Congress.

“I look forward to leading this company into the future and continuing to offer a social media experience that respects users and their privacy, and rejects viewpoint discrimination.”

Mr. Meckler, who served as interim CEO since February 15th 2021, also issued a statement:

“When I accepted the role of Interim Chief Executive Officer of Parler, it was with the singular goal of making Parler widely available once more by providing users access to Parler on either Android or iOS devices. I am proud of the dedicated team that executed that mission and am excited to see George Farmer take the reins as CEO and lead this great company into the future. I now look forward to refocusing on my work as the CEO of Convention of States Action.”

Mr. Hebert added:

“I joined Parler in January 2021 during the most pivotal moment in the company’s short history. Through partnership with George Farmer, Mark Meckler, and a cadre of dedicated employees, we used the last four months to stabilize the platform and to prepare the company for a bright future. Our appreciation for the First Amendment and our respect for privacy, are what binds the Parler team. I look forward to my role as COO and to working with George to help Parler reach its maximum potential in the years ahead.”


George Farmer has been serving as the COO of Parler since March 2021. Prior to working with Parler, Farmer worked in financial services for a decade, serving as Partner at global commodities hedge fund RK Capital Management LLP in London, as well as an in Investment Banking at Jefferies International. He currently serves on the Board of several international organizations, both charitable and in the business sector, and formerly sat on the Physical Markets Committee, overseeing global metals trading, for the LME in London.

In 2017 Farmer chaired the UK Conservative Party Black & White Ball; he was also a former member of the Conservative Party Leaders Group. In 2019 he was an active financial supporter and candidate for the Brexit Party, in their run up to victory at the UK European Elections. He remains actively involved in business and politics on both sides of the Atlantic.


Michael Hebert joined Parler in 2021. He has worked in the web and mobile computing sector for more than 15 years. Most recently, he was part of the executive leadership team at edX helping to build the leading online platform for education and career advancement. Prior to that, Michael has had various roles at some of the most successful web brands including such organizations as and


Patrick Galbraith, has been Parler’s acting CTO since the beginning of April. Before joining Parler, Patrick worked at Oracle Cloud and HP Cloud before that. He has almost 30 years of experience in the open source world and is the publisher of two books covering database-driven web development. He was also the technical lead of, the original tech blog, back during the turn of the century.

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