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Op-Ed: One Clear Benefit of Biden Admin Is That It Shows Just How Good Trump Admin Was

In addition to exacerbating our domestic problems, our foreign problems seem to be met by complete ignorance on the part of the Biden Administration. File photo: Stratos Brilakis,, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – After four months of policy decisions by President Biden, the one thing that is quite obvious is how successful the Trump presidency was. We now have a 4.2% increase in consumer prices; almost 180,000 of migrants caught illegally crossing our border; there are 8.1million job openings but employers can’t find workers to fill them (overly generous unemployment benefits could be the cause); plus we have a 6.1% unemployment rate. In the works by the Biden Administration is a tax increase as we slowly emerge from a China virus pandemic. Biden claimed that he will only raise taxes on those people who make more than $400,000, but, in reality, he will have to tax all middle and lower class citizens in order to pay for the prolific spending Biden the Democrats are planning on imposing on us taxpayers.

In addition to exacerbating our domestic problems, our foreign problems seem to be met by complete ignorance on the part of the Biden Administration. Biden wants to cut a new deal withy the terrorist regime of Iran by reviving the past failed nuclear deal; the Russians have conducted a cyber attack on one of our gas pipelines; the border crisis on the southern border is getting worse not better due to the Biden Administration not having a clue how to fix it (he should have left the successful Trump policy in effect); after inauguration, Biden through executive orders, canceled most of the Trump policies thereby causing a national crisis especially at the southern border as illegals continue coming into our country, near unhampered. Compared to what Biden has done since he was sworn in as president, our economy and foreign policy is headed for a significant downturn. If he would’ve left the successful Trump policies intact, we wouldn’t be facing such a predicament.

One thing that also seems quite evident, is that Biden has being manipulated by a cabal of left-wing zealots including Bernie Sanders and the Squad (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley). All are admitted Socialists who seem to be pulling the strings of their puppet Biden. In addition, the people who have been appointed to run his administration are mostly from the academic world (left-wing zealots), and professional bureaucrats with little or no private business experience. This contrasts with the Trump Administration who had mostly all private sector appointees with business experience who administered their area of governance.

The Democrats and their flunky’s in the news media, for four years criticized all the policies initiated by Trump even when those policies turned out to be successful. If it wasn’t for the Chinese COVID pandemic, Trump would’ve won in a landslide. The biggest mistake Joe Biden has made is to have junked the Trump policies out of vindictiveness and by not using common sense.

The embracing of the Marxist/Socialist policies of Bernie and the Squad, has wreaked havoc in our country in just this short time. If we don’t change this movement toward socialism, our country will go into the dumpster and China will become the pre-eminent power in the world. This is how Joe Biden has shown Trump’s policies were right.

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