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Op-Ed: Will Delray Beach Get Submerged by “Climate Change”

Delray Beach

DELRAY BEACH, FL –  The fear mongers have been predicting that if we don’t do something about “Climate Change”, eventually Delray Beach and all of South Florida will be submerged by ocean water. Is that true?

In Florida, throughout most of its history, Florida has been under water. Portions of the Florida peninsula have been above and below sea level at least four times. As the glaciers of the north expanded and melted, the Florida peninsula emerged and submerged. It had nothing to do with “global warming” (a/k/a climate change), it had everything to with Mother Nature. When those catastrophic events happened, there was no excess of CO2 to blame those weather anomalies on, as there was no burning of fossil fuels and no SUV’s despoiling the environment.

Our local newspaper, the Sun Sentinel, is hell-bent on championing the demise of South Florida due to “global warming”. They are on a crusade that the end of the world will occur if we don’t do something. What have they proposed to thwart this apocalypse? It seems that they want to do away with fossil fuels and move into all forms of “green energy”, like what radicals, Bernie Sanders, the Squad, and John Kerry are proposing with their “New Green Deal”.

Any intelligent, non emotional person, realizes we can’t get rid of fossil fuels because we need their energy output to power our economy in the near and distant future. Only recently, we saw the drawback of a form of “green energy”.  The State of Texas was hit with a sudden extreme cold snap and part of their energy grid of “wind power” (which provided about 25% of electric power”), completely failed as the wind turbines froze up and couldn’t produce any needed energy. The same with unreliable “solar energy”. If we have extended periods of cloudy non-sunny weather, those solar panels will not produce any energy. Of course, we should look for alternative forms of energy besides fossil fuels, but we should not put our heads in the sand and attempt to do away with fossil fuels.

The radical left has put climate change as their “Holy Grail” as the biggest threat facing our country. It’s not China and the Chinese virus, not Iran or other bad actor countries in the world  –  to them it’s climate change. Their argument is all emotion with selective facts to make their theory seem worse than it is. If you challenge the climate zealots and disagree with their doomsday theory, you will be labeled a “climate change” denier and a threat to humanity.

All of us want our our planet to be free from pollution, and we all want clean water and clean air, but we don’t need to decimate our need for fossil fuel energy, with pie-in-the-sky pronouncements that we can survive on solely “green energy”. We are one country that has cleaned up our environment, even by using fossil fuels so why screw up our economy by passing ridiculous laws banning fossil fuels?

Delray Beach, you will survive this crusade by environmental zealots, and don’t buy their snake oil of a doomsday scenario, you will not be swallowed up by a rampaging ocean. Live and enjoy our great village without fear of a calamity.

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