VIDEO: Man Pulls Handgun on Heavily Armed BLM Protestors Swarming Louisville Restaurant; Hollering, Making Gestures, Not Dare Get Near Him

Diner Pulls Handgun on Armed BLM Protestors Swarming Louisville Restaurant
Video of the confrontation begins with an image of a man standing near one of the outdoor tables and pointing a small handgun at the protesters, who are hollering and making gestures.

LOUISVILLE, KY – Video is now circulating online that captured a tense standoff this past weekend between a diner using a handgun to hold off Black Lives Matter protestors as they swarmed a sidewalk restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, reports say.

The video, taken on the day of the Kentucky Derby, shows BLM protestors marching on Bardstown Road in honor of Breonna Taylor – who was shot and killed by police last year – when suddenly they started swarming the outdoor sidewalk seating area of La Chasse, an upscale European restaurant. As they began to harass customers at the establishment, employees immediately called 911.

“Multiple armed protesters [have] entered the restaurant property, which included outdoor dining space,” the employee said to the police dispatcher, according to Fox News

As the video progresses, BLM protestors – several of whom are armed, with Kentucky being an open-carry state – were held at bay by at least one restaurant patron armed with a handgun. Amid the chaotic yelling and movement, a female protestor can be seen appearing to deescalate the situation and pleading with protestors to leave the restaurant and continue marching down the street.

Slowly, after a tense standoff, tensions appeared to ease and at one point the armed restaurant patron lowers his handgun and can be seen talking briefly with an armed protestor. However, protestors can be seen having heated exchanges with other customers until an unidentified female ushered the customers inside the restaurant, finally ending the confrontation.

Police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley confirmed the details of the incident to Fox and said that numerous protestors had been arrested for blocking roadways and harassing the public throughout the day.

“During the encounter both patrons and protesters brandished firearms,” she said. “This incident occurred after the arrests of southbound protesters in the area on the 1500 block of Bardstown Road. The arrests of that group were made after protesters repeatedly blocked the roadway despite officers giving multiple verbal requests for them to utilize the sidewalk.”

The confrontation echoes similar acts of BLM harassment of outdoor diners recently, including an incident at a NYC restaurant in late April.

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