VIDEO: “You’re a Murderer” Black Racist Teacher Berates Latino Deputy; “You’ll Always Be A Mexican, You’ll Never Be White, You Know That Right”

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy
The video begins after the unidentified Deputy approaches a vehicle that he had pulled over after allegedly observing the female operator using her smartphone while driving.

LOS ANGELES, CA – A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy was inundated with vicious racial slurs and insults by a staunch anti-cop female that he had pulled over for a routine traffic stop, and the entire incident was caught on the Deputy’s bodycam, according to reports.

The footage, provided by Fox News’ Bill Melugin, was featured on Monday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” and was presented as an example of how anti-police sentiment is growing in the United States; Melugin noted that the video was not taken from a department-issued bodycam –  the LA County Sheriff’s Office is still in the process of rolling out their bodycam program – but instead a personal bodycam that he had purchased to “protect himself from false allegations when he’s out there at work.”

The video starts after the unidentified Deputy approaches a vehicle that he had pulled over after allegedly observing the female operator using her smartphone while driving. Upon reaching the window of the vehicle, the female immediately becomes combative with the Deputy while beginning to record him with her phone.

The Deputy initially attempted to explain the reason for the traffic stop, but is verbally cut off by the driver.  

“You’re a murderer. I started to record you because you’re a murder,” she said.

The Deputy, who retains his composure throughout the traffic stop, told the driver that she couldn’t be on her cell phone while driving, and she responds that she was recording him because she was scared. He then asks for her driver’s license, which she explains is at her apartment, but assures the Deputy that “I’m perfectly legal, I’m a teacher.”

However, the driver became extraordinarily offensive when the Deputy asked her to sign the citation he had issued to her for driving while operating a cell phone, calling him a “Mexican racist.”

“Here you go, Mexican racist,” the driver said, handing the Deputy back the signed citation. “You’re always going to be a Mexican, you’ll never be White. You know that, right?”

Melugin noted that Fox News currently knows the identity of the driver, but at the moment they will not be revealing it due to the fact that she has not responded to several attempts to contact her.

In speaking to Fox, LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Alex Villanueva noted that he was “appalled” by the driver’s shockingly racist diatribe, but praised the Deputy for his professionalism.

“You have one incident like George Floyd…but some people want to label the entire profession as if everyone was a Derek Chauvin,” he said. “It shows you that bigotry, racism comes in all colors and all ages…that’s proof of that right there.”

The LA County Sheriff’s department confirmed that the female driver in the video has already filed a harassment complaint against the Deputy, and has a history of repeatedly making false claims against law enforcement.

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