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Op-Ed: It’s Never Good Enough

Across the country, far-left Marxist socialists are spreading hate by pitting one group against another, thus causing chaos which they then blame on others. File photo: Sheila Fitzgerald,, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Like a pack of wild dogs, it is very difficult to satiate the beasts. And so it is with the leftist lunatics who are trying to undermine our democratic republic. It seems the Democrat Party tries to appease the anarchist groups, ANTIFA and BLM, but in doing so makes the groups want more, like the wild dogs, you can’t satisfy the beasts. It’s never good enough. When you reward bad behavior you get more bad behavior. You’d think educated people, especially politicians, would realize that maxim when dealing with both ANTIFA and BLM. They think that by appeasing their “bad behavior” they are acting compassionately, but the result has been just the opposite.

Across the country, those far-left Marxist/Socialists are spreading hate by pitting one group against another, thus causing chaos which they then blame on others. Today, the main thrust of their campaign is to denigrate the law enforcement people, who are trying to keep the peace, by using isolated incidents of police misconduct. Cries of “defund the police”, calling police officers pigs and killers of black people, and that cops practice “systemic racism” are heard on a daily basis without any basis in fact. Isolated instances of police misconduct are blown up out of proportion to their significance in reality. Police, in this day and age, do not systematically go out of their way to harass or kill black people. According to FBI statistics, a policeman is 18 ½ times more likely to be killed by a black person than an unarmed black person is killed by a policeman. We have come a long way since the days of “Jim Crow” which, by the way, was practiced by the Democrats from the Civil War to the middle 1960’s. Today, those same Democrats, are trying to pin the label of “Jim Crow” onto the Republicans in an all out effort to con the blacks and minorities to vote for Democrats on election day. They are shameless in their attacks against Republicans. Behind the scenes, that ex-Nazi sympathizer and international con man and big Democrat donor, George Soros, has been bankrolling many of those anarchist groups in order for them to spread their venom around the country. Unfortunately, this dishonest campaign has had some traction within certain groups around the country.

The term “racist” is bandied about willy-nilly by leftist groups as they designate that label to anyone who challenges them.  The term is used to shut down debate, as that slur is looked upon by all sectors of the population as being immoral or worse. In fact, it is being used so often that its meaning is losing its impact as being a redundant term of derision.

Some of the rules that are used to appease the thugs are no bail to be assessed for people arrested for crimes, especially those arrested in violent “demonstrations” which included arson, pilfering, and attacking the police, early release from prison for those earlier convicted of crimes the leftists categorize as minor crimes etc.  Quite a few district attorney’s, backed and bankrolled by George Soros in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and St. Louis etc., have turned our justice system on its head by instituting lax enforcement of the law.  As result, crime has skyrocketed in most all the Democrat-run cities of the country, which has resulted in many of the law enforcement personnel to opt for early retirement or to outright resign their positions. The situation will only get worse unless a change of policy is instituted, but as President Biden continues to lead as a “Progressive”, instead of the moderate he claims to be, the chances do not look promising as he seems to have fallen under the spell of the Marxist/Socialists like Bernie Sanders and the “Squad”.

By bending over backwards to appease the anarchists, it has made orderly governance worse than if they tried to enforce the law.  Instead of mitigating the violence permeating in our towns and cities, those attempts at watering down the laws pertaining to crimes and misdemeanors, has actually caused the spike in  anarchy and violent protest.

We must stop “feeding the beast” or we’ll become a nation emulating the many third-world countries around the world.  You can’t satisfy the radicals appetite for chaos and mayhem. Law and order should be the rule not the exception. Don’t appease, enforce the law.

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