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Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders, AOC, and the “Squad”- the “Axis of Ignorance”

Bernie Sanders, AOC,
The far-left ladies and the Red Diaper Baby all seem to be driving the once moderate Joe Biden into picking up the cudgel for their Marxist/Socialist agenda. File photo credit: Lev Radin,, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – It seems like the “Puppeteers” behind the “Puppet” Joe Biden, is none other than the Marxist/Socialist “Squad” (made up of Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alana Pressley), and Bernie Sanders. These far-left ladies, and that “Red Diaper Baby”, Bernie Sanders, all seem to be driving the once moderate Joe Biden into picking up the cudgel for their Marxist/Socialist agenda.

All the radicals listed above are elected officials, so you have to wonder how they ever got elected to their present offices? To listen to what these far-left loons have to say, you’d think they were ignorant of reality. You could call them the “Axis of Ignorance.”

All lefties mentioned above, are card carrying Marxists/ Socialists, who all are in favor the “Green New Deal”, which if enacted into law would put the United States behind the economic eight-ball for years to come. They want to get rid the generally low-cost fossil fuels of coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear, to be replaced by the unreliable “Green Energy” of wind, solar, and hydro. If they get their way, you can bet that China will become the number one economic power in the world. A Ronald Reagan or a Donald Trump would not let that happen, but we now have a weak president in office, Joe Biden, who is easily manipulated by others.

It seems that those mentioned above, all missed the required class of “Economics 101” in college. They not only seem to have a lack of common sense they also lack economic sense. Could their goal be the undermining of our our free enterprise capitalist economic system?

This “Green New Deal” as supported by most all Democrats, is going to cost anywhere between $15 trillion to an unthinkable $93 trillion. Whichever figure is correct, it will be a tremendous burden upon every household in the United States. That’s for sure. The question is, can we afford this total transformation from fossil fuel to total “green energy?” Any worthwhile economist “worth his salt” without a political pedigree, says that enacting the “Green New Deal” would be an economic disaster for the United States.

In addition to the crazy economic ideas of the “Squad” and Bernie Sanders, these radical extremists are also playing the “Race Card” by promoting the “defunding” of the the police and law enforcement, in general, and by changing our criminal laws to make it easier for the criminals to “ply their trade” against law abiding citizens and businesses. All chimed in on the Derek Chauvin trial by asserting that Chauvin must be convicted of murder, or else. This was even before any testimony was heard on either side. They are also in favor of being able to sue individual police officers, which is a recipe for continued lawlessness in many cities and towns around the country. Many policemen are opting out of their jobs by retiring early and by resigning due to a lack of support from elected officials.  Some of our cities will suffer as many will be reincarnated as the lawless “old west” was back in the 19th century.  If that isn’t ignorance personified, nothing else will take its place?

Our elected representatives must not be cowed by outside pressures to give in to the anarchists, as their cities and towns are ravaged by groups such as ANTIFA and BLM. The Democrats, including President Joe Biden, must reject the policies of these radical groups and bring law and order back to the cities and towns, otherwise there might arise a civil war to try to bring a semblance of sanity back into our lives. By doing that, against the pleadings of the members of the “Axis of Ignorance”, our country could return to a country that is looked up to as a “Shining light upon the hill” that it had been in the past.

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