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Op-Ed: It’s Not the Chauvin Verdict That’s the Problem, It’s the Process and Environment

Does anybody really think Chauvin was going to get a fair and balanced trial in such an inflamed racial atmosphere as was in Minneapolis? File photo credit: bgrocker,, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Although I feel that Derek Chauvin was overcharged with a charge of 2nd degree murder, when 2nd degree manslaughter was the more appropriate charge, his fate was sealed well before the trial was held. The “racial arsonists” were out in force from the beginning. Chauvin never had a chance to change the perception that he was a racist cop out to do harm to a black person. George Floyd, a drug addict and a convicted criminal, is now being put on a pedestal as a “Martyr” for the BLM cause. His death was used as an excuse for many months of racial discord, rioting, pillaging and arson around the country. Even in death he was being used for a cause to bring anarchy to many cities and towns and the eventual downfall of the United States. Both anti-police groups, ANTIFA and BLM, are card carrying Marxist/Socialists, hell bent on destruction of our democratic republic.

Does anybody really think Chauvin was going to get a fair and balanced trial in such an inflamed racial atmosphere as was in Minneapolis? Although the facts pointed to Chauvin using excessive force in subduing Floyd, he was depicted as a rogue cop who was out to do harm to a black person. Does anybody really think that Chauvin got up in the morning by proclaiming how he could inflict pain on a black person? Well, that’s how he was presented to a public looking for a pound of flesh. The fact that Floyd was a drug addict, a convicted criminal with history of violence, and who was caught on that fateful day of May 25, 2020, trying to pass off a phony $20 bill, it was seldom mentioned in the main stream media as almost 100% the media believed Chauvin was guilty of murder, and geared their stories accordingly.

Look what occurred before the trial began. Besides being convicted in the press before any testimony was given, the City of Minneapolis gave the Floyd family a $26 million settlement therefore, tacitly admitting the city was responsible for Floyd’s death. Even when the jury was selected and the trial was in progress, that notable rabble-rouser, Rep. Maxine Waters, was ranting and raving that the mobs should continue their havoc, and that Chauvin should be found guilty of murder. Her rhetoric was aimed at the jury finding Chauvin guilty or else. Or else what? In addition, the judge refused to “change the venue” from inflamed Minneapolis to another less hostile environment, and refused to sequester the jury to have them not hearing all the anti-cop rhetoric in the media, and the preparations the town was taking to avoid another episode of carnage if the verdict wasn’t the right one (murder or nothing).

I do not endorse the actions of Derek Chauvin, but I also do not endorse a trial that was conducted under the threat of violence if the court did not do what the mob wanted it to do. The “Disciples of Chaos” are shaking down the various states and cities making the police the enemy, when they should be hailing them as the last line of defense against total chaos. Where are these so-called “civil rights groups” in those cities where minority adults and children are being killed on an increasing rate, not by policemen, but by other blacks? It is a canard of major proportions that our police forces are nests of “systemic racists”, when in many cases inner city police forces are made up of 50% or more of minorities. Are all those minority policemen “racists” too?

Citizens, get real, our republic is being internally attacked by real anti-American forces as they try to overthrow our way of life and to institute a Marxist/Socialist society, a society that has failed all over the world.

My comment to the black people of our country, don’t crucify your protectors (the cops) for some rare instances of police misconduct, they are the one’s who are trying to make your communities livable not the hell-holes that some of the communities have become without a viable police force. Derek Chauvin is the exception, not the rule, in judging all police. Without law and order, we don’t have the country our fore fathers gave us. White people, get rid of your “white guilt” and don’t succumb to threats for fear of being called a “racist”. We all most work together to make our country a country where as Dr. Martin Luther King once proclaimed, “We should judge other people on the content of their character and not on the color of their skin”. GOD BLESS AMERICA !

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