Altamonte Springs Man Arrested After Alleged Threats Toward Ocala Based Trucking Company; Charged With False Report Concerning Use Of Firearms

Jean Carlos Roman Miranda, 25, of Altamonte Springs was charged with false report concerning the use of firearms in a violent manner.

OCALA, FL – On Wednesday, April 21, 2021, Officers of the Ocala Police Department responded to FedEx, located at 3100 NW 35th Avenue Road in Ocala, in reference to a worker being threatened over the phone by an employee the previous day. Upon arrival, Officers made contact with the witness who informed them that she had been threatened by the now defendant, Jean Carlos Roman Miranda, 25, of Altamonte Springs.

The witness explained that she manages trucking company GAP Transportation, which is a subcontractor of FedEx, and that the defendant had been a company truck driver for approximately two months. The witness informed responding deputies that Miranda was unhappy with his assigned truck and informed her he was going to quit and leave it at the Wendy’s located off of I-75/Hwy 484. The witness had another driver accompany her to retrieve the truck, and a verbal argument ensued between the employee and defendant. During the argument the defendant stated that was going to use his 9mm handgun to shoot the witness. Everyone then left the area without further incident.

According to authorities, later that day, the defendant called the witness and stated that he was going to be targeting all GAP vehicles and get in front of them in his personal vehicle and slam on his breaks so they could rear end him. Miranda further stated that he would then get out of his car while everyone is distracted and “put holes in the vehicle”. The witness also later received a text message from an unknown phone number she presumed belonged to the defendant. This message was in all Spanish and stated something to the effect of “What would look better, me putting my 9mm in your face or me destroying your car?”

While officers attempted to locate the defendant, the witness stated she did not wish to pursue charges for the threats at that time. After further investigation, including phone calls to the defendant by investigators, it was determined that Jean Carlos Roman Miranda, did make a false statement or report via phone concerning the violent use of firearms toward drivers employed by GAP Transportation, a violation of Florida Statute 790.163. Miranda was arrested and charged with false report concerning the use of firearms in a violent manner.

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