Op-Ed: Biden Funding Bill Wants Feds To Do What States Should

President Joe Biden's recently unveiled funding request will cost the American people dearly if approved.
President Joe Biden’s recently unveiled funding request will cost the American people dearly if approved. File photo credit: BiksuTong, Shutterstock.com, licensed.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle have always had a penchant for spending like drunken sailors to solve problems that they are ill-equipped to solve or simply have no business fixing. 

President Joe Biden’s recently unveiled funding request for fiscal year 2022 is no exception to this rule. Nobody expected that he and the radical Democrats would suggest that the federal government tighten their belts, but what Biden wants – the ways Biden wants to spend the hard earned money of federal taxpayers is one for the history books. 
It includes budget items in the billions for investing in “Young People and America’s Future”, focuses on Child Care, Mental Health Counselors, Pells Grants and other items that are far better executed by state and local governments who are on the ground and know the pulse of the people and needs of their communities. 

Creating jobs, particularly in the manufacturing industry and other trades, is another Biden priority. While on its face that may sound legitimate. However, when in the history of free-spending over-regulated government agencies ever been able to prove they know the worth of a dollar or how to create jobs? Spoiler alert, they haven’t. 

Clean energy programs will cost the American people tens of billions if Biden’s budget is approved. Remember when Barack Obama was able to blow billions on companies like Solyndra during his two terms? These companies went belly up, cost sustainable employment for tens of thousands of Americans, and were ultimately proven to be pipe dreams whose only intention was to fleece the taxpayers.

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Increasing spending to draw corporations and innovators to the United States? Biden’s bill has that as well. In Trump’s four years as POTUS, he proved that this kind of spending was unnecessary. He cut taxes and erased unneeded regulatory efforts. This type of action brought companies back to the United States and attracted innovators from around the globe. 

And why not send billions to foreign governments and “Climate Funds” where we have no say in how they spend the money or expectation of a return on investment? President Biden is signing us up for that too. 

Eventually, Biden’s budget request included an item that myself and every American could presumably agree on… reforming our criminal justice system and increasing the expectations of federal judges. Sadly, Biden allocated millions in the budget to address this without addressing the core problem, human capital. We need to simply make the judiciary branch accountable to the American people and give citizens a way to fire rotten federal judges and prosecutors. Biden wants to blow millions without changing a gosh darn thing. 

I could nitpick every single line item of this boondoggle, but what difference does it make? You are smart enough to get an idea of what’s going on and it should make you mad as hell. 

After all, establishment politicians continue to leverage our children’s future as if some miracle will happen that allows America to balance her books. 

I guess we’ll just continue devaluing our dollar and fire up the printing press at the federal reserve.

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