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Op-Ed: To Democrats, the “Holy Grail” is Global Warming

Climate March protesters rally for climate change in Portland, Oregon on September 20, 2019.
Climate March protesters rally for climate change in Portland, Oregon on September 20, 2019. File photo credit: Robert P. Alvarez,, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The term “Holy Grail”, which has biblical connections to a cup used at the Last Supper, is often used to denote an elusive object or goal that is sought after for its great significance. So it is with the theory of “Global Warming” (a/k/a Climate Change). To listen to the Democrats, you’d think the greatest possible calamity to confront the world is “global warming”. No matter what the science says, the Democrats dire predictions about the “climate apocalypse”, is not coming true as they seem to be oblivious to the reality of the situation. It is not their “Holy Grail”.

The whole radical contingent of “fear mongers”, headed up by President Biden, Climate Czar John Kerry, Sen. Bernie Sanders and the “Squad” (consisting up of Representatives Cortez, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley), Senator John Markey etc., have all predicted “doom and gloom” if we don’t do something about the possible calamity of climate destruction around the world.

The “climate fanatics” have no meaningful response to preventing climate change except to screw up the economies of the United States and the Western countries. They claim that by changing our energy needs from fossil fuels to “green energy”, that will stem the eminent disaster of a climate holocaust.

Little do these climate fanatics realize that the climate has been changing for many thousands of years, even before the widespread use of fossil fuels were being used, and there existed no SUV’s to despoil the environment.

Most of the people who champion the case of climate change are avowed Marxist/Socialists, who would like to see the capitalistic free enterprise countries fail. The notorious George Soros is a big booster of the climate change fanatics.

This whole new concept of the “Green New Deal” will not be able to change our need for reliable energy sources.  Windmills, Solar and other forms of “green energy”, will not be able to supply the energy needs of the world.  These green energy sources cannot replace fossil fuels no matter what the green energy advocates proclaim.

Over the past decades or so, the United States has cleaned up most areas of the country that had a pollution problem, even as the use of fossil fuels were being used widely around the country. Why would we want to get rid of the relatively inexpensive and reliable use of fossil fuels for the unreliable green energy sources of energy?

This doesn’t mean we should not try to find reliable “clean energy” sources of energy, but realistically, none of these non-fossil fuel energy sources would be able to meet our energy needs now or in the near future.

This whole concept that “carbon dioxide” as the main culprit of climate change and that it is caused by man, is not founded on sound scientific principles.  In fact, carbon dioxide is a very important plant and tree food. As we humans breathe out carbon dioxide, the plants and trees absorb it in and produce oxygen. In fact, the “evil” carbon dioxide is not the most prevalent greenhouse gas, that is “water vapor”. No matter how hard the “greenies” condemn carbon dioxide for climate change it is water vapor that is the main source of a minimal elevation of the earth’s temperature.  It is up to Mother Nature to control the atmospheric conditions around the world and we, no matter how the “enviro’s” try, they can’t change Mother Nature.

So, to all those who elevate “global warming” as the be-all and end-all of a global climate catastrophe, stop trying to sell you bogus theory as it does not meet the criteria of impending global destruction. It is not your “Holy Grail” it is your “Shibboleth”.  Go sell your “snake oil” elsewhere.

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