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Op-Ed: We Must Fight to Bring Patriotism Back to Our Land

pledge of allegiance

BOCA RATON, FL – The threats to our nation, our liberties and freedoms are clear and evident. The basis for this situation is the disappearance of respect for our country’s heritage, our laws and for the symbols of our great democracy. The burning of the Stars and Stripes by a few was permitted to grow into the madness of Colin Kaepernick’s taking the knee to the flag and anthem that has now overwhelmed the nation. It’s time citizens of all colors, backgrounds and beliefs come together, once again, to honor what this great nation has always stood for and what is still offers all of us: Freedom, Liberty and Equality.

I suggest that we all take the bull by the horns and rise up to fight for our flag and nation. When in a group meeting, be it in a house of worship, community event or other gathering of people, ask the leader to begin the event with a pledge to the flag, which should always be prominently displayed. If your request is denied, have ready a hand held flag, stand, raise it and begin reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. You’ll be surprised at how many will automatically and gratefully join in, hands on hearts or raised in salute. Those who choose to remain seated surely have the right to do so. And they have the right to have others take note of their actions, as well. The shame of their behavior will be a consequence of their actions.

We must take small measures such as this to defeat the growing successful militancy of the “Hate America” contingency. One step at a time. It only takes one person… you.

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