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Op-Ed: 2020 Election Post-Mortem

Almighty God Versus Satan - The Storm Unleashed
What makes the stolen 2020 election Biblical is not only that it may well spell the end of the American experiment in liberty, but that the fate of the entire world seems to hang upon it. Photo credit, licensed.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Now that the putative Biden-Harris administration is going full tilt, as we catch our breath and reflect on what has transpired in our country, we would do well to consider the wider implications of the theft of this election. So let’s return to the scene of the crime—actually, to the scenes of the multiple crimes inflicted on our nation.

Election Theft Crime #1

By now we know about the Dems’ rampant and shameless vote fraud, and the gigantic CCP cyber attack on our election through Dominion and other voting machines. We have hard evidence of foreign interference in our election in the 270 pages of evidence compiled by attorney Sidney Powell, as well as a treasure trove of incriminating evidence recently made public by Mike Lindell in his documentary “Absolute Proof!” In that documentary, we actually got to see the forensic data, including computer time stamps, and all manner of specificity: from computer X to computer Y in this or that location, etc. The data entries are all unique, but they coincidentally all show the exact same vote shift: from President Trump to Beijing Biden. And we have paper evidence as well. You may recall that back in early January, Patrick Byrne—former CEO of Overstock who joined Sidney Powell and others to aid Trump in attempting to prove his election win—wrote about a shredding company given 3,000 pounds of ballots from Georgia to dispose of, pieces of which remained and were subsequently analyzed. In their midst, authorities discovered a shipping receipt…wait for it…from China! Of course, the ballots themselves were not legitimate—they were phony Chinese knock-offs, all marked for…guess who? Let’s call that Crime #1.

Election Theft Crime #2

Crime #2 is the false flag event before, during and after the peaceful Trump rally in D.C. on January 6th. You better believe the radical Left, aka Democrats, had war-gamed January 6th down to the last detail. In fact, there’s a video by brilliant young journalist Millie Weaver, that, in my opinion, puts the Watergate journalists Woodward and Bernstein to shame. In that video, we hear the Leftists planning and plotting their on-the-ground destructive strategies through conversations Millie’s undercover reporter recorded in real-time, à la Project Veritas. It is an eye-opener for sure.

Here are the names of some of the Marxist/revolutionary organizations infesting our nation and busily planning its demise: The Sunrise MovementAntifaBlack Lives MatterMomentumExtinction RebellionShutdown DC, and United for Peace and Justice, which is a coalition of over 1,000 Leftist groups. And as everyone witnessed on live TV, they were all on fire to wreak havoc on January 6th! In the undercover video, they are planning for every contingency, including a Trump win. That possibility, in their minds, called for the literal takeover of D.C., like Seattle’s CHAZ on steroids.

And in case you think these Leftists/Marxists are just fringy aging hippies and clueless young radicals operating in a fantasy world of their own, here’s some more bad news for you: these radical organizations boast many government officials among their ranks! That’s right: people who for all we know are nameless, faceless bureaucrats conducting the nation’s business for their fat paychecks and handsome retirement benefits, are colluding with the Soros-funded minions hell-bent on overturning the freest and most prosperous nation in human history. One such woman worked at DHS Headquarters. Another still works in National Security. Go figure!

They war-gamed for every possible outcome—if only Conservatives did that! If Trump were to win they’d use Plan A. If Biden won but Trump wouldn’t concede, Plan B. If the results were unclear, Plan C, etc. And they took strategy lessons from a real pro: Lisa Fithian, of the National Steering Committee of United for Peace and Justice, an organization which, in true Orwellian fashion, seeks war rather than peace, and the destruction of the rule of law under our Constitution, rather than justice.

Originally, these folks planned to actually physically seize the White House and take over major cities all over the country on election night. I suppose as the Big Steal proceeded apace, they were told they could wait it out. Then came their new plan, “On the 5th we’re going to shut down the White House.” They managed to procure a military-style “target map” that is far more detailed than Google Earth maps, to use for spotting the police stations, key government buildings, bridges, places to blockade and disrupt transportation, etc. Spooky. Creepy. Malevolent.

Watching Communists at work is not for the faint-hearted.

Election Theft Crime #3

Crime #3 took place in the Capitol Building in the aftermath of the false flag “insurrection” in which Antifa thugs masquerading as Trump supporters broke some windows and instigated chaos. By the way, it now seems that the only deaths during the “storming of the Capitol”—which was more like a spontaneous sightseeing tour for folks who got waved in by the Capitol police—were from medical emergencies, not violence, with the exception of the death of Ashli Babbitt, who was purportedly shot and killed by a Capitol policeman. Funny thing about that point-blank shooting death, though. Some have pointed out that there was hardly any blood although Babbitt was shot at close range in the neck, which would normally have resulted in copious bleeding and splatter. Just sayin’.

Let’s now examine what transpired as our heroic Congressional Representatives finally emerged from their safe-space bunker. And notice how the Deep State performs many of its most egregious acts of destruction under cover of darkness, in the middle of the night. That’s what they did with their fraudulent vote-counting, and that’s what they did vis-à-vis the Joint Session of Congress. Some of the Congressional members may not have known the “insurrection” was basically Leftist preplanned theater, and so really felt threatened and frightened. Of course they’d be quick to believe the MSM narrative, which was also propounded by their colluding colleagues.

But ask yourself this: Why didn’t VP Pence send everyone home and announce a plan to reconvene on Friday, or maybe Monday, to conduct this all-important business for the nation? Would any of us have been in a proper state of mind to intelligently and dispassionately decide the fate of our Republic under those chaotic circumstances? They’d had a shock, and were likely tired and hungry and wanting to go home, have dinner and a stiff drink, and go to bed. Perhaps that’s why they stopped the proceedings after hearing from only two of the four states whose legislatures had submitted requests for time to conduct forensic audits. In any case, once again, at 3:40am, after we’d all gone to sleep—the same way they’d counted up the fake votes in the wee small hours of the morning—they sold out America by certifying the results of the Color Revolution against our nation. We must never forget this final travesty was performed by American citizens on American soil—predominantly by those we trusted and employed as our elected representatives.

Part 2: The Biblical Resonance

What makes the stolen 2020 election Biblical is not only that it may well spell the end of the American experiment in liberty, but that the fate of the entire world seems to hang upon it. For while members of the unholy alliance among the Chinese Communists, the Deep State, the Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), the Democrats, the radical Left (but I repeat myself)—may have sought to take down America for their own reasons, the ultimate goal of the Davos Cabal is nothing short of enslaving all the people of the world under their planned and tyrannical One World Government. The good news is that millions of people worldwide have awakened to this danger—another reason the cabal is moving at lightning speed, and taking so many big risks in the process. This battle is spiritual as well as physical, moral as well as political—a battle ultimately for our bodies, minds, and very souls.

The Power of MAGA

And as some of us see fit to describe Pence as Judas, or perhaps Pontius Pilate, this simultaneously implies the analogy of Trump as Savior. Of course we’re well acquainted with Trump’s shortcomings and foibles, and understand that as human  beings, we’re all imperfect, so I’m certainly not comparing Trump to Jesus in any literal sense. Nevertheless, President Trump, as he himself has stated, stood between us and our enemies, and many have looked to him as our champion and protector. For those who haven’t read my article “Trump is My President!”, here’s a small sample of the national and international reverence for this man:

  • “I’m from Malaysia, and Trump is my President!”
  • “I’m from Japan, and Trump is my President!”
  • “I’m from Canada, and Trump is my President!”
  • “I’m from Wisconsin and Trump is my President!”
  • “I’m from Singapore, and Trump is my President!”
  • “I’m from Ireland, and Trump is my President!”


So much love and appreciation for this man worldwide!

The massive following for Trump, the enthusiasm, loyalty and especially the renewed passion for freedom he inspired, is what the globalists/elites/liberals/Leftists/Progressives want desperately to snuff out. Trump awoke the Sleeping Giant: America’s patriots. He brought love of country and pride in the USA back to us. And he brought God back into the conversation, doubtless much to the consternation of Leftists who thought they’d successfully excised Him permanently from public discourse.

And as the Romans and Sanhedrin viewed Jesus as a danger to the status quo, so too does our ruling class view Trump as a danger to their plan for a New World Order. That’s why, on the night of January 6th, sometime after midnight, they chose to crucify our Republic along with our President, since Trump had become not just the leader of our nation and our Commander-in-Chief, but also the symbol of our liberty under God. That they followed this evil deed with another sham impeachment is tantamount to placing the crown of thorns on Trump’s head and mocking him after the fact.

The godless Left vs. the Christian right

What we’ve witnessed playing out is to some extent a battle between the godless Left and the Christian/Conservative Right. Consider Founding Father John Adams’ words: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” And for a more modern day example, how about Solzhenitsyn’s famous quote that summarizes what he learned after the terrible ordeal of his imprisonment under Soviet Communism: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.” The Democrats’ hatred of President Trump is a reflection not only of their hatred of America, but also of God Himself.

It is no accident that Trump was so popular with Conservatives, or that Evangelical Christians voted for him in great numbers. How many times did President Trump invoke the name of God? And when he ended a speech with “God bless you, and God bless America!” people knew he meant what he said. You could see it in his actions, and hear it in his voice.

President Trump may have referred to God in his speeches nearly as often as Obama referred to himself when speechifying during his destructive eight years in office. As history demonstrates, if you take God out of the equation, morality often vanishes as well. Man then becomes his own god, and as such, there’s no stopping him should he seek absolute power. This paves the way for the State to become all-powerful, and the eradication of people’s liberty soon follows. Perhaps that’s why Karl Marx said, The goal of the Communists is to enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.” Then the Politburo can place itself on that throne, and woe to the newly dispossessed serfs thereafter.

An alternative Biblical analogy for President Trump’s role may be that of the restrainer who keeps the burgeoning evil at bay. Trump certainly did that by standing up to Communist China, Iran, North Korea, the G20 Davos elites, and the deeply corrupt United Nations, while taking America out of pro-globalist trade deals, the disastrous Iran deal, and the ruinous Paris Climate Accord, among others. President Trump stood between us and those who wish us harm, and we owe him immense gratitude for all he accomplished and all he endured on our behalf. Now it is up to us to wrest our Republic out of the hands of the treasonous conspirators who snatched it from our grasp.

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