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Op-Ed: Biden’s Plans to Reinvigorate the Terror State of Iran

Missiles of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Photo credit: Saeediex,, licensed.
Missiles of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Photo credit: Saeediex,, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – It’s time to turn on the warning signals to alert our readers that the new administration, in power for less than 90 days, has shown unmistakable signs that its goal is to put increasing daylight between our country and Israel. Bad news, but you’ve got to face reality. The Trump manufactured, mutual love affair with Israel is over. You don’t have to read between the lines. Read the actual headlines. America has not only announced to the world that we plan to return to the flawed 2015 Obama Iran Deal, we are now on our knees pleading with that terror state to come to the bargaining table to reinstate it and walk away with the steal of the century… permission to build a nuclear arsenal and use it to bring the Middle East including Israel to its knees. Forget about any White House claim that we will remove sanctions on Iran only after it returns to compliance with the nuclear deal. Biden and his string pulling manipulators lie. Street smart Iran knows it has the upper hand. Israel is now gasping for breath and fighting for its life by showing its determination to survive on its own. This past Sunday, Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility, its major one, was shut down just as its super fast uranium enrichment equipment, ready to punch out its deadly product, was plugged in. The lights went out! Iran claims, most probably correctly, that it was Israeli sabotage. And just days earlier, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence gathering ship, the Saviz, patrolling the Red Sea, was hit with underwater mines, strangely the same day Tehran and world powers, including the U.S. met in Vienna to discuss returning to the 2015 deal. The NYT blames Israel for the attack in order to warn the world it would not stand by idly awaiting its destruction. No coincidences.

And last week, our new Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, arrived in Israel, not to pat its citizens on their heads, but to warn them to back off and let America’s new idiot mavens of diplomacy work with Iran to “bring real peace to the region.” At about the same time, Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Israel that, “Palestinian human and civil rights must be equal with those of Israelis.” Is he not aware that Hamas and the PA, alone, control and make miserable, the daily lives of their own Palestinians? Then the Biden administration proudly announced that we plan to re-fund the Palestinians to the tune of $250 million and over $100 million to the corrupt UNRWA. Unmistakable direct funding for renewed terror against the Jewish State. And throw in for good measure the recent welcoming back to D.C. to the Palestinian Embassy that Trump tossed out. If all of this was accomplished within only 80 days, what’s to expect during the forthcoming balance of 1,360 sunrises?

Is there any doubt that the goal of the new administration, under severe pressure from the radical Leftists in Congress, including the likes of Senator Sanders, Congresswomen Omar, Tlaib, Pressley and AOC, is reverting to the pre-Trump policies of tossing Israel and its new coalition of Arab allies in the region under the bus in order to placate and re-invigorate the terror state of Iran? When you’re finished with saying your prayers for the preservation of this country over the next four years, throw in a few words for the salvation of the Jewish State… and hope G-d is listening.

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