Reporter Questions Press Sec Over Rebranding of “Biden-Harris Admin” On White House’s Official Website – “What Can Be Extrapolated From That?”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During her Tuesday press briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked by a reporter over a recent change to the White House’s official website that refers to the “Biden-Harris Administration” – as opposed to simply the “Biden Administration,” which would be more traditionally used – and she noted that the decision was made to reflect this particular Vice President’s important role in the day-to-day running of the government.

“Is there anything that can be read into the rebranding of the Biden Administration into the Biden-Harris Administration?” the reporter asked Psaki. “When you look on the website it says Biden-Harris and that’s not been necessarily the norm in the past. Is there any message being sent by that? What can be extrapolated from that?”

“I would take from it that Vice President Harris is an important partner, she’s the first in the room and the last in the room on most occasions if she’s in town and not traveling around the country,” Psaki replied. “It’s a reflection of the important role she will play moving forward.”

Currently when visiting the official White House website’s “Administration” section, it is entitled “The Biden-Harris Administration.” In addition, the White House’s Twitter page currently reads “Welcome to the Biden-Harris White House!”

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However, this break from tradition is now without precedent when it comes to Biden; during the Obama years the White House website’s Administration page made several references to the “Obama-Biden Administration,” although it stopped short of actually displaying it as the page’s title, opting instead for simply “The Administration,” as did the Trump era’s version.

Harris has been taking a wide-ranging role under Biden; most recently, the Vice President was named as the point person in regards to the ongoing migrant crisis at the U.S. southern border. But some commentators have also taken the “Biden-Harris Administration” rebranding as a cause for concern after the President’s well-being was recently called into question, believing the move to be a precursor to a potential shift of more presidential duties into the hands of Harris if so needed.

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