Franics Ngannou Starches Stipe Miocic in Heavyweight Title Rematch


LAS VEGAS, NV – UFC heavyweight gold was on the line last night as the former child laborer Francis “The Predator” Ngannou violently unseated champion Stipe Miocic in the 2nd. From the outset it was clear the puncher had evolved considerably showing excellent counter wrestling. Feeding the single leg to hop his way to the cage, only to pivot off, forcing Miocic to re-shoot and attempt a double leg. Francis splatted Stipe to the mat with a sprawl before landing some short yet sickening ground and pound. He pivoted off to the side and kept up his assault, continuing to punish the champion as they got to the feet with alarming hand speed in accurate combination. Before Francis broke Stipe back down to the ground as Stipe scrambled away as they tussled for the take down.

In a round when the challenger also clipped the Champ with a right hand and head kick, it is a credit to the evolution of the “The Predator” that Stipe seemed stuck in first. Francis was always pretty patient, always had slick combinations and he could draw more power than a particle accelerator. To those unfamiliar, this one technical sequence of fundamental wrestling is the product of endless effort and an obvious improvement over the first fight.

Francis had settled into himself and by the end of the 1st the concern felt real for Stipe, now in his late 30’s and unable to take down the hardest puncher in MMA history. It felt like a matter of time. It always does.

The 2nd starts and Francis steps in with a power jab that shook Stipe who dropped, Francis followed with punches as Stipe fell and rose again in the wrong stance. Stipe tries to throw a jab and switch his stance at the same time. Never saw the left hook that laid him out over his own leg.

The King is dead. Long live the King. May King Francis enjoy the rewards of his regicide.

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