Tornado Rips Through Tennessee On The Same Month As 2020 Tornadoes

From the scene of the Nashville 2020 tornado aftermath, Rachel Brooks. Vicinity of Inglewood suburb near US Highway 31W. 

PORTLAND, TN – Mere months after the Christmas bombing of Nashville, the Middle Tennessee region has been traumatized again. Tornado systems swept through the Greater Nashville area on March 25 to a chorus of ambulance sirens. Nightfall then covered the damage, leaving the community to wonder what the sunrise would reveal. The Epoch Times then reported that at least five people had been killed in tornado systems that tore across the south. 

These events came one year and some weeks after the Nashville tornado of 2020 that decimated the city. These events made national headlines as well as trending the hashtag #NashvilleStrong on social sites. On the anniversary month of this local tragedy, the Tennessean reported grave losses to historic properties in the Nashville area. 

“It just dropped to the ground,” said James Crockett of a historic home that collapsed on Boscobel Street, in the city’s Lockeland Springs East Historic District. The home was constructed in the 1930s, was undergoing restoration, and was vacant on Thursday afternoon when it imploded due to wind damage. Only the roof remained visible in the aftermath. 

Local WKRN News reported devastating damages in the Smyrna area as well. 

The stateline saw damages similar to what was reported in the Nashville metro area. Locals reported property destruction on the northern end of Tennessee State Route 259, which is near Kentucky’s southern line. A residential farmer’s straw barn was reduced to rubble, brought down to the concrete blocks. 

The storm came with violent onset, startling locals, who fled outside to rescue pets and farm livestock. One family reported spontaneous thunderclaps with searing rain followed by a pelting of hail that sent them scrambling to bring their puppy inside. 

Dogs were reported flipped upside-down in their houses and needed rescue amid the hail-fall. Cars and homes fared worse, with cars totaled and homes busted up. Police and first-responders closed local roads. As a result, some residents were forced to stay with friends and loved ones, unable to return home due to roadblocks. 

“It got so quiet, then there was golf-ball sized hail,” said one local woman, who asked not to be named. 

“That’s when I made my girls get in the hallway. Then, it just passed by as quickly as it came.”

Other locals stated that the hail they saw was of varying sizes, quarter-sized on average.  

The strong winds whipped through some local suburbs leaving others completely untouched. Residents of the immediate surrounding area expressed surprise that there had even been a tornado at all, having seen nothing while others reported seeing “walls of white” wind. 

The locals expressed dread wondering what their lives would be like in the days to follow. Post the March 3, 2020 tornado events in Nashville, relief efforts continued for at least a month, with public figures such as injury lawyer Bart Durham pushing for engagement despite COVID-19’s compounding hardship. 

The Nashville 2020 tornadoes claimed the lives of 25 people and destroyed multiple businesses and other structures in the vicinity of the U.S. Highway 31W as well as in various other neighborhoods of the city. Nashville muddled through the devastating blow of the 2020 storm, quietly suffering amid the backdrop of the then-fresh COVID-19 pandemic. 

Later on Thursday evening, storm systems signaled emergency alerts in the Atlanta, Georgia area as the high winds continued to push through the American South. 

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