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Op-Ed: Andrew Cuomo – “A Legend In His Own Mind”

Andrew Cuomo
 New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo As he made an announcement and held a media briefing at Port Authority Administration Building at JFK in New York, NY on July 20, 2020. Editorial credit: lev radin /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Haven’t we all known someone who was so into himself that it became quite tedious to be around that person? That being said, it brings to mind that the “Grand Master of Nursing Homes”, Andrew Cuomo, is now in deep doo-doo with his own party and the fawning news media. This pompous ass used the pandemic to promote himself as being the be-all and end-all of everything COVID virus. He even wrote a book touting how well he did fighting the virus.

Cuomo, during the first couple of months of the spread of the virus in the United States and around the world, was on T.V., almost daily, pontificating as to what he was doing to help lead the people in facing this deadly virus. He sounded real convincing and he drew accolades from mainly the people who hated President Trump, who they were claiming was botching the whole virus she-bang.

Little did the public realize that this self-indulgent loudmouth from New York City (County of Queens) was screwing up royally by placing COVID patients back into nursing homes, while alternate facilities (made available by President Trump) were mostly unused and available at the Jacob Javits Center and the U.S. Navy mercy ship docked in the Hudson River. The result of this outrageous decree by Cuomo, was that the virus spread violently through the nursing homes where these infected patients were returned to and many died as a result.

When it was determined that this decision was a catastrophe, Governor Cuomo and his minions when they reported the number of nursing home deaths, claimed that only 6,000 elderly residents of nursing homes died, but as more information came to light, the total was adjusted upward of 15,000.

As word got out that Cuomo was ”cooking the books”, all hell broke loose, and the once “darling” of the news media and the Democrats, they started calling for his resignation or impeachment. He has refused to resign and mocked the thought of an impeachment.  Many of the victims families, headed up by Janice Dean, Fox News meteorologist, who lost her mother and father in-law in one of those nursing homes, have brought this disaster to light.  He refuses to take any responsibility for his actions, which now over 160 elected representatives have called for him to resign.

In addition to the nursing home fiasco, Cuomo has been accused by a total of 9 women (so far) of making life miserable for them by verbally bullying them and a few with personal touching against their will. So far, he has denied all accusations by saying that he didn’t do do what those women accused him of doing. This was the same Andrew Cuomo, who joined in on the attack against Judge Brett Kavanaugh who was falsely accused of sexual abuse during his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Cuomo, in fact, chimed in on the “lynching” of Kavanaugh, when he said that Kavanaugh should take lie detector test, but when asked if he would do the same in answer to his accusers of sexual harassment and intimidation, he refused to do so. Hypocrisy at its zenith.

Andrew Cuomo, has come across as an arrogant, New York City (Queens County) bully boy who seems to have an ill conceived ego of major proportions. I grew up not to far from where Andrew Coumo grew up in Jamaica, Queens, I can see his type from that environment. As I said in the headline, Andrew Cuomo is a legend in his own mind.

Will Andrew Cuomo survive these scandals, or will his fellow Democrats and Republicans get a backbone and get rid of this political “cancer” that is bringing shame to the great State of New York, and to the Democrat Party, who was “holier than thou” when it came to sliming Donald Trump for the past four years.

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