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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan: DEFCON 1 Achieved, The Light Is Coming

Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan: DEFCON 1 Achieved, The Light Is Coming

GREEN BAY, WI –  At this fragile point in time, we are finally realizing that patience is the order of the day. We set aside our frustration, and turn to complete trust in the unfolding of Almighty God’s plan—in His timeframe!

That said, we Believers in Christ—that Jesus was the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again—see very clearly that although the players have been shuffled numerous times to accommodate the enemy’s ploys, we are now prepared for landing!

We are not aware of the exact moment that President Trump will pull the plug, but it will happen—and we most definitely are approaching the precipice.

This sudden, sheer drop that is to come for the evil Global/Deep State Cabal will be earth-shattering in its scope. And although it is possible for our Sweet Lord to call Believers up via the Rapture prior to this finale—it certainly seems that we may well still be here to see this glorious display of good overcoming evil.

Now, what have we seen unfold in the last several days?

Let’s recap, shall we? For starters, we recently had an explosive interview with three-star retired Lt. General Thomas McInerney, who has served in top military positions and is extremely revered as such. McInerney started the interview by stating that Covid was indeed a direct biological attack by the Chinese Communist Party on both the world and the United States.

He went on to confirm that they attacked our economic system, with the aid of some Americans, the CDC, and Dr. Fauci. He also said that this attack was followed up by a massive cyber warfare attack on our election system that reversed a massive Trump win, and thus placed a fraudulent victory into the hands of Biden. Apparently, the final battle for this election happened in five key battleground states, where cyberwarfare took place.

McInerney explained that we discovered this deception only because we have a tool called ‘Hammer and Scorecard’ that allowed us to view this theft in real-time—and he added that this scam was encapsulated in a movie entitled ‘Absolute Proof’ that American businessman Mike Lindell recently released. Several other fraudulent methods also were used in this election debacle, including programming voting machines to automatically switch a certain percentage of votes away from Trump to Biden.

As this illustrious retired Lt. General continued to explain, this gave us an illegitimate President put in place by an equally-illegitimate inauguration on January 20th of this year—and we have seen that this impostor already has put out over fifty-plus Executive Orders, compared to Obama’s six during his same amount of time in office. And Obama, most of us have figured out by now, is the puppet master of this evil operation—yes, he is no doubt in the basement talking into a microphone into Biden’s ear!

The Democrats are now eagerly destroying jobs and the fabric of democracy in this great country of ours, and trying desperately to make Americans lose their identity. This Democratic Socialism/Progressivism that they push is meant to usher in total Communism. And that is absolutely where Obama wants to take us.

We also learned from McInerney that former Director of National Intelligence Clapper and former CIA Director Brennan were involved with the Russian collusion farce against Trump. They also were a part of the election debacle that just took place in November. And this time, they have China, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, and other foreign nations, including the Vatican, in on their criminal schemes.

These conniving countries also included France, and we also know that the election cyberwarfare went through Frankfurt, Germany and through a data center in Spain. Although we were told that none of the voting machines were connected to the Internet, that turned out to be a falsehood, as some actually were.

McInerney then clarified that when he took his oath of office in the Military many decades ago, it was ‘to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.’ He explained that the Founding Fathers obviously could not have had a clue on cyberwarfare, but they did know what foreign and domestic enemies were—and they would have expected this nation’s leaders to interpret that and then take the appropriate action.

President Trump’s 2018 Executive Order did just that. He knew what would happen, in terms of their effort to steal the election. His 2018 Executive Order allowed for rejection of the election based on Foreign Interference—and also allowed for the seizing of assets of these foreign enemies, and also the assets of domestic traitors.

The National Security Agency turned in the report that showed that this international interference did take place, and that it was sufficient in scale to have been able to overturn the election. The N.S.A. submitted this report very late, however, on the day before Trump was scheduled to leave office. It would seem that the Deep State has no shame, as this was yet another effort to impede the Trump team.

McInterney went on to state that the evidence points to clear high treason having been committed now by the Democratic Party, which was in on this devious plan—and which is being led by Obama. He added that there is a reason that Obama moved to Kalorama, which is merely two miles from the White House—and a reason that Obama even has a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) right at this residence (unnamed source).

Yes, Obama has been directing this entire plot. McInerney stressed that as a result, We the People must demand a transparent audit of the election. He added that everything Biden is doing is either bettering China and our adversaries, or destroying our culture for the benefit of Communism—and that they are destroying our freedom of religion, as well.

He added that this is the most dangerous period in America’s history, that we have indeed met the barbarians.  McInerney contends that this is far more serious than the Civil War, because we knew what the Civil War was about. He also confirmed for us that treason is the most serious charge in our Uniform Military Code of Justice in our judicial system.

Other points of interest in this interview included the fact that during the Capitol riot on January 6, MAGA supporters were allowed in by the Capitol Police, and the fact that the checkpoints were suspiciously undermanned. When the MAGA crowd arrived, there were groups of BLM and Antifa that already had overrun the Capitol.

And McInerney also delved into the inroads that China has made in both infiltrating and taking over America. He explained that China has been using the money that they made through our American companies, and distributing it to our colleges and big tech companies, so that these organizations now owe China—although we know that Trump recently put China back on their heels in this regard.

Other bombshells dropped by McInerney in this discussion include the following: George Soros recently went after Rupert Murdoch, the head of Fox News—and that longstanding conservative network finally caved to the Deep State Cabal; John McCain was known as ‘Songbird John’ as regards his underhanded leaking to the Cabal; Sidney Powell has enough evidence in five of the nine swing states in this past national election to enable her to flip them for Trump—and she could do this very quickly if allowed to do so; the Supreme Court is complicit in high treason in their neglect in hearing the election fraud cases; and Chief Justice Roberts, who also serves as Chief Justice of the FISA Court, is compromised by certain corrupt actions in his past.

For now, Lt. General McInerney strongly advised that We the People fight back at every turn and put pressure on Congressional members. He also counseled that we should cut off Big Tech. McInerney went on to observe that there are quite a few staunch Christians presently leading We the People’s efforts, and that America still serves as the ‘Beacon of Hope’ for the entire world.

McInerney believes that there will have to be an intervention by Almighty God Himself, that there has to be a ‘Red Sea moment,’ in order to overcome this wicked Global Cabal—which is a group of evil perpetrators who seek a one-world government, and who have used COVID as a weapon to achieve their great World Reset of Communism.

Now, as we see Covid fading away as result of Biden’s supposed win—we also realize that Trump’s stepping out of the picture for now was a genius strategy on his part. We all know that if Trump would have stayed in office, they never would have let the pandemic go away. This also gives all Americans, including moderate liberals, a chance to see exactly what policies the Deep State Global Cabal will enact via Biden in order to enact their Great Reset.

Now, in exploring others areas beyond this informative interview by McInterney, we take a look at this situation from Trump’s point of view. When we do so, it seems very much like Trump and the Patriots are using the coronavirus to force Chinese companies to drop investments in American companies, thus using China’s virus against the evil ones in a very clever way. Trump also stopped them in their tracks to a certain extent when he put the development of the vaccine on the fast track with Operation Warp Speed.

On the economic front, we see that although Trump cut taxes, which made the economy boom, Biden is doing the opposite. Biden’s tax plan is no doubt trying to destroy the economy, as it has now been revealed that those who make $200,000 will get a tax increase—the figure is not $400,000, as they originally stated.

As a result of Biden’s foolish policies, it appears that folks are waking up.  We are even seeing that quite a few companies currently are scrambling and moving out of states proposing higher tax rates. Indeed, 20 top finance and tech firms in New York City are on the verge of leaving for Florida because New York is getting ready to reveal their revolting tax package. This exit will no doubt happen in many states.

In terms of riots from the far left, word from reliable sources has it that Trump’s Military has been monitoring these Deep State occurrences so that they can be quelled when they break out, which they most assuredly will do—as the evil ones will fight back in any way that they can to try to stop the true evidence on corruption from being released by Trump’s communication team.

We also know that both sides are battling for the economic system. The Deep State wants to continue on with the Central Banking System, so that they can continue to manipulate things. They also do not want small businesses in America. Big corporations do not want the competition for their new system, which is the same system that Mussolini developed in Italy—it’s called fascism.

And we also see that Biden is killing jobs all over the country, which will cause the economy to suffer and degrade.  Nonetheless, the people are beginning to respond to the evil puppet master’s agenda, as 21 states are now suing Biden for destroying jobs. The people are seeing that Trump made the economy great, while the Progressive Democrats are purposely doing the opposite in their effort to get everyone dependent upon government—and let’s not forget Biden’s planned $3 trillion for infrastructure, which will shackle our future generation, our children and grandchildren, with an even more obscene amount of debt.

But one positive development is that the Patriots’ cryptocurrency system is leading the way, and winning over the Cabal’s Central Banking System. Also, Bitcoin is now more valuable than Visa and MasterCard. So, it’s only a matter of time before Trump’s new Quantum Financial System, based solidly upon gold, takes off. In this system of his, your money will retain its value, as opposed to the Deep State/Cabal’s old system that devalued its currency.

We also see the border crisis getting worse and worse by the day, with illegals entering in numbers that we have not seen before. Trump’s plan of having Mexico stop illegal immigrants from getting past their country was working, and everyday Americans are now seeing that the Progressive left is basically for full, open borders—and that their concern over Covid evaporates suddenly when asked why they are not checking to see if the illegal migrants have the disease.

And let’s not forget that illegals are set to receive stimulus money, and also that Biden is planning on spending $86 million on hotel rooms for them—even though his administration recently told the National Guard that was loyally protecting the Capitol to sleep on a parking garage floor.

People are watching all of these problems—including the economy situation and the border crisis—and they are reaching the precipice of disgust over one or all of these things, including the never-ending lockdowns not based upon real science. And their anger on these problems is about to hit critical mass. As they always do at some point, people will demand change.

There also are the transgender laws destroying girls’ sports, the pharmacy/drug prices reverting back to astronomical levels, and the woke movement telling everyone what to say, do, and think—‘lest they be immediately canceled or fired.

And how about the recent meeting between Communist China and the Biden administration, where America was censured by Chinese officials on our supposed human rights abuses? Yes, these Chinese reps in this meeting clearly showed who controlled whom—they even stated that the United States is not operating from a position of strength.’  This from China, a country that is well-known throughout the world for its human concentration camps, and also their extreme human rights and animal abuse.

Not to worry, though, as Biden recently called China’s Xi Jinping ‘corrupt and weak.’ Sure, schoolyard name-calling ought to scare the powerful Chinese leader. No, the fact of the matter is that we all know that Joe Biden is now under the control of the Chinese.

And to be clear, Joe Biden is not only tangling with China on the international front, he also called Russia’s Putin a killer, and threatened North Korea’s Kim Jong-un with war. And all four of these nations are nuclear countries. Let that settle in for a moment.

Now, without a doubt, it’s quite apparent that puppet master Obama and his ilk have no problem with provoking war. And why not? That would only serve as a catalyst for getting worldwide submission on their diabolical plan for worldwide domination.

And this is not the first time that these evil ones have used war to further their cause, not by any means. Credible sources tell us that quite a few of the wars in other countries were started to try to instill the Central Banking System and Global Cabal’s nefarious moneymaking practices, via ‘helpful’ organizations like the Clinton Foundation, in these countries as well—but that’s a massive story in itself, a story for another day.

And we know that this sleazy Cabal also uses division in this very country to gain ultimate control. The Deep State uses race, religion, and class to keep us divided and distracted—to stop us from seeing their criminal maneuvering for their own vile purposes.

Now speaking of massive criminality, has anyone noticed the huge number of indictments for child trafficking cases that have been going on for a while now? Just last week, a number of children were extracted from tunnels right in Texas. All of this is a reminder that God’s plan is working through President Trump and his loyalists, who are trying hard to save people from this trafficking and abuse —much of the efforts are going on in the background, but be assured that many good things are happening, and that a great deal of these sick crimes against humanity are being exposed.

We also need to pay attention to the vast numbers of CEOs stepping down from the larger companies. Yes, they are giving their ‘excuses’ on why they are stepping down, but their explanations ring hollow. As well, there are multiple Democratic politicians who have recently resigned as a result of child sex scandals. Of course, these disgraces are largely ignored by the media.

Now, we also have certain cryptic tweets and other messages being put out by high-ranking Trump loyalists—and they, too, warrant examination. For example, Mike Pompeo tweeted about the Iowa election situation, where he almost seems to be telling us to watch this, in terms of whether or not Pelosi will try to overturn Republican-elected Congresswoman, who has already been seated for three months.

Moreover, White House Director of Social Media Dan Scavino recently put a picture of Trump on Facebook, where Trump is in the car headed back to Mar-a-Lago—and he has his thumb up, letting us know that everything is on track. Scavino also posted a photo of Trump walking up into Air Force One, and later on, another shot of Trump boarding the plane again at sunset. This most certainly looks like we are being shown that Trump still maintains control of Air Force One!

Furthermore, Scavino has been putting out a lot of calm messages lately, letting us know that we are heading in the right direction and that things are about to change.  One picture is of a fighter jet that is circling back, letting us know that Trump’s Patriots are coming right back, and are getting ready/prepared.

In various other communication outlets, we also are seeing hints on what may be about to come. The New York Times recently put out that Russia attacked Solar Winds. It would appear that this devious newspaper perhaps is providing a ‘cover story’ for a possible Biden counterattack on Russia—maybe one that would be used to say that Russia, and not the Deep State, knocked out communications in America, should the Deep State Cabal decide to block the American people from hearing any real evidence of their corruption brought forth by Trump.

Still, we look to President Trump’s latest tweets during this past week to try to get to the bottom of things once and for all. And he’s not mincing words.

The first that caught our eye was when Trump tweeted “I’m back soon.” This was followed by “When I’m back in office, I’m going to look like an idiot signing 500 executive orders, but it’s all just to reverse the HUGE CRAP sleepy Joe is putting in place! Unbelievable!”

Also of importance to we Believers in Christ was Trump’s “Our great nation was founded on Christian roots!” No vagueness there! Nor was there any ambiguity with his “Truth is Light. It Always Triumphs in the end!” And so it will.

We also saw his “Stealing isn’t winning. And pretty soon, even foreign leaders will call your bluff.” This also reminds us of the fact that many of the world nations currently are having heads of state shake ups, with countless leaders stepping down unhappily—and some even being arrested. This is, of course, yet further evidence of Trump and the Military maintaining power and command of this nation at the moment, which is what credible sources have told us over the past year or so when they explained that Trump has been prosecuting the countries that participated in the election fraud against the United States.

Also of interest, Trump recently tweeted “Tell me who said the following quote:  ‘You snakes!  You brood of vipers!  How will you escape being condemned to hell?’” Sure sounds like Trump is following Scripture closely, and sticking ever closer to our Sweet Lord during this massive spiritual war of Almighty God versus Satan.

Then, Trump tweeted, “Sleepy Joe Wants To Fly In My Plane, But My Plane Don’t Want Him!”  Yet another piece of evidence for us when stating our case that Trump maintains ownership of Air Force One.

And the hair on the back of our neck literally stood up when we got further along this week’s tweets by Trump.  He actually messaged, “It’s Time For Real POTUS.”  And then he posted the picture that we had been waiting for:  it showed JFK on the left, with the caption ‘The Starter, and then a picture of Trump on the right that read ‘The Finisher’!

This definitely suggests that President Kennedy did indeed, as sources alleged, plan on taking down the Central Banking System prior to his assassination—as Trump supposedly is attempting to do now. Trump also makes reference to ‘Q’ quite a bit these days, a group that was started about the time of his election—a group that reliable sources say is trying to wake up the American public with regard to the truth on the 3,000 or so corrupt Global Cabal elites trying to put a Great Reset in place so that they can run the world.

Trump’s tweets that followed also were interesting, such as his message “Lots of fun stuff going on. Turn on alerts and get ready.” Could this be a reference to the Emergency Broadcasting System alerts that we have been told will likely be used to spread the evidence on election interference and on the other Cabal corruption?

Well, Trump’s next tweets may have provided the answer to that question. It said, “God Wins,” followed by a message that ominously warned, “The earth will shake soon, the best is yet to come.” Next, he posted a picture of the National Guard sleeping in a parking lot, with the caption, “I’m not going anywhere!  I WILL FIX THIS!” And then, a more mysterious dispatch, “Moves are being made.”

Moves are being made indeed.  The Biden administration is now getting caught up in numerous lies, and the American people are now waking up and no longer believe the promises. Even the main stream media has been forced to start admitting some of what is going on. And State Legislatures are finally standing up and putting in safeguards for future elections. Trump also has been talking about launching his own media site, and watching the evil Cabal self-destruct. Yes indeed, our real/true President seems to be champing at the bit to resume his rightful seat in the Oval Office.

And it looks to be very, very soon. Remember, just like Cuomo and Newsom, they all will be exposed. Every lie will be revealed.

Trump is simply waiting for the right moment to strike, and that moment is approaching very quickly. He and his team have known the plan from the beginning. As the evil Deep State/Global Cabal continues to self-destruct over their own policies, they are being exposed to the entire world.

And we know that the ultimate moment of truth could be triggered at any moment, perhaps by a drop of the Durham report. There have been no leaks, which tells us everything that we need to know about this report. We also are aware of the fact that all of the election fraud court cases have been rejected by the Supreme Court, and subsequently nothing remains to be done in that area—thus, the Military is the only way forward!

And so we currently have been brought to the warning level of DEFCON 1. ‘Maximum Military Readiness’ has been achieved. We now keenly await God’s Light shining blazingly upon the evil, where the vermin will suddenly and frantically scatter in all directions.

Fear Not. They are trapped, and cannot figure out Trump’s plan. Trump and the Patriots are in full control of the board.  Next move: Checkmate. Patience…it will happen. Get ready… it’s about to begin!!

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