Wisconsin Assembly Approves Official Probe Into 2020 Presidential Election; Gives The Ability To Issue Subpoenas, Compel Testimony, Gather Documents


On Tuesday, the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly voted to pass a resolution that authorizes an official investigation into the 2020 presidential election. The resolution passed on a 58-35 party-line vote.

During the election, President Joe Biden successfully flipped the state of Wisconsin – long considered a “red” state – leading to members of the GOP to make accusations of voter fraud. After an official recount and several lawsuits by incumbent President Donald Trump and his allies that were dismissed on the state and federal level, Biden ended up winning Wisconsin by 20,600 votes.

Now that the resolution – which all Democratic members voted against – has passed, the Assembly now has the ability to issue subpoenas, compel testimony, and gather documents and other related forms of evidence once the probe has commenced.

Assembly Republicans noted that they aim of the probe is to collect information and evidence to determine if any laws were violated during the 2020 election, although Democrats countered that reasoning for the GOP’s probe is disingenuous and that they are diminishing the public’s faith in the elections.

Wisconsin Assembly Republicans have also recently introduced additional legislation aimed at overhauling numerous aspects of the state’s election system, including limiting the amount of ballot drop boxes, requiring ID form absentee voters, limiting the number of automatic recipients of absentee ballots, disallowing election officials from filling in missing information on absentee ballots certification envelopes, and the creation of new forms for clerk’s offices to be used by early voters.

Last month, Assembly Republicans voted to approve an audit of the 2020 election results in the state, three months after the election had concluded. The audit will look into how the state maintains its voter rolls and issues relating to obtaining absentee ballots without identification.

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