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Op-Ed: Is Joe Biden the Lance Armstrong of Politics?

Joe Biden speaks to potential supporters during his campaign stop in Columbia. Lance Armstrong signing his book 'Comeback 2.0' at Borders bookstore on December 02, 2009 in New York City.
Joe Biden speaks to potential supporters during his campaign stop in Columbia. Editorial credit: Crush Rush /, licensed. – Lance Armstrong signing his book ‘Comeback 2.0’ at Borders bookstore on December 02, 2009 in New York City. Editorial credit: lev radin /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Remember Lance Armstrong, the famous road racing cyclist, who won most all cycling races until they found out he cheated by using performance enhancing drugs? Well, does that remind you of President Joe Biden?

Biden continues to say “Trust Me” as he dismantles most of the policies of ex-President Donald Trump. He ran for president from his basement bunker as a ”Moderate” Democrat, and that he was going to bring back unity to our country and to our politics. Well, what has happened so far in his quest for unity, or is he faking it just like Lance Armstrong?

You wonder, with his penchant for gaffes and misspeaks, is he pushing “moderate” policies, or is he mouthing the policies of Bernie Sanders and the “Squad”, whose policies are supposed to be that of “Democrat Socialists”, who seem to be the driving force behind the present-day Democrat Party?

During his “winning” non-campaign for president, Joe Biden has flip-flopped on a myriad of issues including the energy producing practice of “Fracking” (the production of oil and natural gas); his pledge to not raise taxes on the middle class (he says he’ll raise taxes only on the rich but he’ll have to raise them on the middle class as it is where the money is) in fact, he has issued over 50 executive orders that has rescinded most of the policies of President Trump.

Joe “Trust Me” Biden, is the same guy who had to abort his previous campaign for president in 1988 after being accused of plagiarism of using a speech by a British member of parliament as his own. This is the same Joe Biden who claimed academic achievements which he didn’t merit. This is the same Joe Biden who claimed that Roe vs, Wade went too far and that he supported the Hyde Amendment, which prevented federal funding for abortion. This is the same Joe Biden who said, in 2006, that the United States should not grant amnesty to illegal aliens. This is the same Joe Biden who in 1996, voted for the “Defense of Marriage Act” which prohibited federal registration of same-sex marriages. As Vice-President under Obama, he said he was in favor of “clean coal”, now he wants to shut down all coal production in 10 years. Also, this is the same Joe Biden who was a strong supporter for the Constitutional right to bear arms, now he backs aggressive gun control laws. The list goes on and on.

The question is, can you “Trust” Joe Biden like he says you should trust him? Some have called him the “Great Equivocator” who seems to change his mind as the “wind blows”. As an inveterate politician, for close to 50 years in government. Some have concluded that he is being manipulated by two of his closest radical cronies, Ron Klain and Susan Rice and by Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez and her “Squad” as his policies as president are not considered “Moderate”, but are the creations of the far-left of his party. He equivocates and lacks conviction when he speaks, even when he uses a teleprompter. As during the campaign when he stated “No new fracking”, but recently, when he visited Pittsburgh, he proved himself a liar by saying, “I am not banning fracking”.  Sorry Joe, you can’t have it both ways, which was the lie and which was the truth?

So yes, it is proper to equate Joe Biden with Lance Armstrong, as both seem to have a penchant for not telling the truth. How many times has Joe Biden chided Trump for lying but he seems to embrace that saying that “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. Let’s hope we survive this “illegitimate” president, as he is becoming the laughing stock in our country and around the world.

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