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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan: The Lion Roars!

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President Trump supporters wearing faith in God and Trump shirts at the rally in the Bojangle’s Coliseum. Charlotte, North Carolina, March 2, 2020. Editorial credit: Jeffery Edwards /, licensed.

GREEN BAY, WI –  There comes a point in one’s waiting—waiting with fervent anticipation for the other shoe to drop—when we can feel that things are different. It’s a very difficult feeling to explain, but one just knows that something very significant has just happened—that the tide suddenly has shifted.

And that moment is now.

It had to happen sooner or later, as the enemy knows that it cheated—knows who truly won this election in a massive landslide. The enemy also knows that Americans breathe freedom, and will never allow tyranny.

And the enemy is terrified!

Let’s recap the latest developments, though, shall we? We do so as this fight between Almighty God and Satan, between good and evil, continues to gain in both momentum and relentlessness.

We saw the following tweet made on March 4th by President Trump—who manages to come back onto Twitter no matter what the evil Global Cabal does to try to stop him:

“I Donald Trump solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Keep in mind that March 4th was the original day that the Presidential inauguration was held in this country, before that date was amended in 1933.

We saw the Global/Deep State Cabal in a panic on that date, by the way—and saying that they feared an attack on Joe Biden. However, credible sources have since said that March 4th was instead the day that Trump and his Military and other loyalists were working on implementing a new financial system—one that will not allow the banks to play with our money when we make a deposit.

We also saw another tweet by President Trump on that day. It said, “I am your real President of the United States—get over it.”

Then, on March 6th, another big development took place.  Reliable sources reported that Hillary Clinton was arrested—and that the arrest related to the National Security Agency having succeeded in getting beyond the ‘acid scrub’ that she used to delete her infamous e-mails years ago. Reports also confirmed that this arrest went beyond simple infringements relating to money and national security.

Also of interest, on March 4th, Lt. General Tom McInerney in an interview talked on an interview that L Lin Wood had on January 9th with a whistleblower whose pseudo name is ‘Ryan D. White.’ White gave a very lengthy discussion on what is going on in the world of the corrupt Global/Deep State Cabal that was stunning in its content.

White talked about Chief Justice Roberts, Vice President Pence, and Joe Biden—among others—and their associated corruption. This includes references to the pedophilia that these people were alleged to have been involved in. He also talked about Seth Rich and his murder—as well as who was there at the time of his murder, or at least in the hospital.  This interview was published in The Populist Press and was certified on March 2.

McInerney went on to state that this whistleblower, which he said is very credible, also referred to attacks on, and the murder of, Justice Scalia—and that this informer spoke on Chief Justice Roberts, the FBI, and others discussing this murder under an assumed Hillary Clinton Presidential win. He commented that these salacious allegations had a lot of merit to them, as there was no physical autopsy for Scalia, who was cremated—and everything was done very quickly.  Afterward, the Democrats tried to replace Scalia with Merrick Garland, but failed as a result of the efforts of Mitch McConnell.

Allegations also were brought up by McInerney relating to Chief Justice Roberts’ predilection for young boys—and also Biden’s predilection for young girls. This is why, McInerney explained, Judge Sullivan did not want Flynn exonerated on the false charge brought against him. Apparently, General Michael Flynn was taken out because he was aware of, and going to prosecute, these powerful people.

McInerney further alleges that the election involved massive cyber warfare, with the help of China and other nations to win this election. He also believes that former President Obama is the puppet master behind Biden right now—and also that Obama was involved in the election deception.

The Lt. General went on to contend that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that when Rod Rosenstein was the deputy attorney general, he and Mueller and the Clinton team conceived the idea of entrapping the Trump campaign.  He added that there also was a plan in the works ‘on the other side’ of the political aisle that involved a scenario with Mike Pence as President and Rod Rosenstein as Vice President, if the Trump campaign was successfully sabotaged.

Moreover, McInerney said that not only was Russian collusion involved in the election theft from Trump, but that there were people who were committing high treason in that act, and also high treason in the planned cyber warfare attack—all to keep Trump out of office for a second term, as they knew that he would continue to expose all of this criminality. McInerney urged all Americans to read this interview on the Populist.Press online.

He added that this is an effort to make America a Communist, or Totalitarian, society. McInerney cited back when Obama, immediately upon entering office, fired every U. S. attorney except Rod Rosenstein, because Rod was running things for the corrupt individuals—and was running the supercomputer ‘Hammer’ through Baltimore involved with the Scoreboard software program that lead to the election fraud. Then, Sessions appointed Rosenstein as deputy attorney general, who appointed Special Counsel Mueller to go after Trump. The Lt. General expressed his belief that the DOJ and FBI are extremely corrupted, and in collusion with, the Global Cabal elites.

McInerney summarized his discussion by saying that we now have a President in the White House who is there under inappropriate conditions—not through Constitutional means, but through perfidious means of a massive cyber warfare attack, with foreign involvement.  And he posed this question to the Country: “What are you going to do about that?”

The Lt. General confirmed that this cancer of corruption runs very deep in America—and that it is up to We the People to save it. As Juan O. Savin—a mysterious, but highly-regarded, man who seems to be very well-informed on the Military moves associated with the ‘good guys’—recently said, we have to remember that this evil Global/Deep State Cabal is not merely a group of people.  Rather, it is a worldwide, all-pervasive system. It is everywhere.

Savin recaps the election debacle in a very easy-to-understand, concise way. He explains that when the National Intelligence Agency came to the conclusion that the interference in the election was sufficient to change the election, they sent this information to Trump—but they gave it to him very late, in fact the last day before he left office.

Savin goes on to clarify that the Military ‘Code of Justice’ tells us that if some foreign power has gotten into power over the American people, the Military is charged first with protecting the Constitution and restoring it. Thus, they first protect the people by restoring the proper authority, the proper President, in charge of the country quickly. After that, they are to, as quickly and safely as possible, restore lawful civilian control—such as making arrests, etc.

Savin further explains that the majority of the States in America clearly voted decisively for Trump. Those shady States that inserted new, bogus numbers at 3:00 a.m. the morning following the election were proven to be wrong in their count. The forensic analysis of the digital data from this digital attack shows that Trump won a mammoth win, including in those States that tampered with things.

Hence, he clarifies, the Military has to place the one who lawfully won the election in place—so this would not require a revote. This is the reason that the Military will not allow Biden to run around saying that he is on Air Force One. Do your homework; you’ll find that this is exactly the case. Biden is indeed traveling in a plane that does not have the call sign ‘Air Force One.’ And we know that there are no coincidences!

Now, Mr. Savin further clarifies that once the lawful, rightful President is in place, they then at that point answer to that lawful commander, and say, ‘What next?’ The Military does not carry out arrests at the direction of generals, except in the remote case where instant protection is needed. They look to the President.

Now, since the Congress and Courts are corrupt, the Military will, should the President give the order, arrest the evil ones and bring them to Guantanamo Bay for military tribunals—and Mr. Savin confirmed that this is definitely what is going to happen next.

On another front, Trump aide and loyalist Dan Scavino recently connected more of the dots for us when he messaged on Instagram that we are ‘on the precipice of destruction. We saw that he posted a picture of an individual walking on a mountain, on a precipice.

Then, in a subsequent message, Scavino sent multiple messages letting the people know that ‘the stage is set,’ with the word ‘freedom’ below that. In another rather cryptic message, he put out a big whale next to a little boat—which makes it seem like Scavino is telling us that the Military will be doing their operation, and that this will take place sooner than we thought.

Other credible sources continue to confirm that there is a lot of information to come—much going on behind the scenes. And we also see mention of the vast child/human trafficking tunnels throughout the world—and yes, even in America. Word has it that the tunnels underneath the White House and the Capitol were the most horrific trafficking tunnels in this Country, as sad as that is to report.

Those who have studied these evil practices say that Satan worship is involved on a very large scale with this evil Global Cabal. They see Satan as the true god, and Jesus as the usurper—and they want to bring their religion, this vile Satanism, to the entire Earth!

Now, we Believers in Christ innately realize that this has always been a war between good and evil, but now we see that it is being brought out into the open, front and center. But that actually is a very good thing, as we need to see up close and personal all of the evil and deception that these wicked monsters utilize in their insatiable quest for worldwide domination.

This wicked Cabal maintains a very well-controlled system. They do not believe as Christians do that we are God-created individuals and sovereign over this planet—with God-given rights. They believe instead in trans humanism, which is a philosophical movement that promotes the enhancement of human beings via advanced technologies able to greatly enhance lifespan, our brain, and our emotions.

Yes, you read that correctly. They will look you straight in the eye, and coldly inform you that robots should take over—that the human race is no longer needed.

These monsters take good, wholesome things, and pervert them. Right now, our brave Marines are doing most of the tunnel work—freeing these tortured souls. They are doing this because their connection to God, their belief in God, is so very strong.

Now, in terms of the economic side of all of this craziness, we who have 401(k)s notice that the Central Bank is preparing to raise rates. We sense that this is part of the Global Cabal’s nefarious plan, where they are testing the markets.  When they proceed, we realize that this probably is the signal that they will be bringing down the economy in order to destroy all that Trump accomplished in that regard—and to bring back control of We the People under their collective thumbs.

Nevertheless, the Patriots—including all of the Military and loyalists who are under Trump—currently are presenting the people with a new economic system. With this new Quantum Financial System, bitcoin/crypto will be the most valuable of commodities, with gold behind that, followed by fiat dollars.

Patriots already know who the real President is, and that Trump is, for the moment, now the ‘Shadow President’ running a ‘shadow government.’ They further realize that the Military and the National Guard will not be controlled by the Deep State, and that the control will be under the authority of the real President.

And finally, as relates to the Judicial System, it makes complete sense at this point that Trump’s Supreme Court and State Court effort to get them to hear his election cases has met a stark dead end.  In point of fact, the Military is the only way forward, and there is no doubt that Trump set this up so that if the government is incapacitated, the Military will make the decisions necessary should things start to fall apart.

We must always keep in mind that optics are paramount. Trump of course had to step aside, so that this is not seen as a political hit job, but rather a revolution brought about by We the People.  As well, the ‘white hats’ will never give out their plan to the enemy—no good strategist would. We Believers in Christ, we Patriots, must investigate and reach our own, well-researched conclusions. The corrupt main stream media right now is simply an arm of the malicious Global Cabal.

Now, with respect to the worldwide news front, reliable reports are that the Deep State is getting ready to bring about some sort of cyber-attack exchange—perhaps with Russia—in order to shut down America’s central communication so that any evidence of election criminality cannot reach the airwaves for Americans to see.

We also see the Deep State Cabal currently trying feverishly to enlarge their Military protection, which includes razor-wire fencing and the National Guard. What are they afraid of? They are desperately afraid of We the People, who have a reputation for being quite armed, and ready to fight for our freedom.

Now, how will this evidence on the Cabal’s corruption be revealed?

There are various ways that this could happen, reliable sources say. Perhaps Durham will finally release his indictments, which would cause the government to lose its ability to function—and then of course the Military would take over.

This criminality involves treason, sedition, and election fraud—on an enormous scale.  It is worldwide in scope, and thus involves numerous governments and corporations of other countries.

Now, on another tangent, has anyone noticed the secretive messages on Biden’s dogs? News channels tell us that his dogs were sent back to Delaware due to a biting incident. But then, Representative Jim Jordan put out a picture with a German Shepherd, which includes Trump standing next to this dog in the Oval Office, saying, “I have your dog, Sleep Joe.” There is a leash attached to the dog—and we know that Biden owns a German Shepherd.  Is this message telling us that Trump has Biden and the rest on a leash—that he’s controlling everything?

It sure seems that way. And it also appears like we are getting closer and closer to where the Patriots will be making their move.

And in terms of the takedown, anything could trigger this. And of course, the Marines will have to step in because of the potential of riots in all of the various Cities—and they will be able to coordinate with the National Guard.  Any riots and unrest will be stopped quickly.

Of course, as folks see this situation unfold, they see that this has nothing to do with the Republicans or Democrats.  It has to do with the Durham investigation, and the Military and information that they have. Trump, with the help of the Military, set this up perfectly. The Patriots are in full control.  We are witnessing the draining of the swamp—and the removal of the Old Guard and the New Guard (We the People) coming in.

Now, in getting back to Trump’s latest tweets, we see that he also recently messaged, “I’m supposed to be at the White House running this great Country not Joe.”  Then, a few days later, “We will see many miracles soon.” Only to be followed up the next day with, “The LION’S ROAR HAS BEGUN! A SOUND THAT WILL BE HEARD AROUND THE WORLD.”

It does not get any more fascinating than that.

And here is also something that is very interesting.  Just within the last 24 hours, Trump tweeted an hourglass picture and the message “The clock is ticking….” After which, he tweeted, “The Best Is Yet To Come!!” This was followed by, “God Will Always be on Our Side!!” After which, he told us, “‘Let’s win again,” and “In America, We Don’t Worship Government—We Worship God!!”

The President’s final tweets then said it all: “Serious things will start soon,” and “You are amazing, we are the winner of the part.” And our most favorite of all: “I’m going to circle back to the White House,” with a picture of Trump mischievously winking.

Now, we Believers and Patriots also have our commission, our duty, in this mighty battle. And no one can sum up this directive better than our courageous General Michael Flynn, who recently said in an article on five lessons he learned when the Deep State came for him—and also his family—that we should, when attacked, maintain our faith in God, preserve our love of Country and our Founding Fathers, remain close to family, retain our friendships, and finally, ‘Fight like a Flynn.’

Undeniably, Flynn stood yesterday, and he is still standing today. We Patriots will follow his brave example and his admonition to ‘Follow the Plan.’

Truth will prevail, as Scripture tells us. Right now, it certainly appears that Almighty God is working His Mighty Plan through President Trump to reveal and deal with all corruption. And we thankfully are witnessing the utmost resolve in Trump, a true Warrior for Christ, in His words from a tweet way back on June 18, 2014, which borrowed the ominous words of the late, distinguished General George S. Patton: “May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.

Truly, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has ROARED!!

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