Caught on Video: Texas Porch Pirate Has Wardrobe Malfunction On-Camera While Boosting Package

HARRIS COUNTY, TX – A thief – who was quite clearly not dressed in appropriate attire for running – experienced an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on surveillance video while snatching a package from the stoop of a Texas home earlier this week, reports say.

In today’s age of nearly instant home delivery from online retailers such as Amazon, the sight of packages sitting on people’s porches and stoops during the day has become quite common. Unfortunately, so have “porch pirates,” the brazen individuals who have no qualms about snatching said packages and making off with someone else’s property.

One such unscrupulous woman was in such a rush to grab and run off with a Huston resident’s package that she didn’t even let the fact that her breasts had sprang free from her top while doing so stop her, nor did she seem to notice that the entire incident was captured in crystal-clear HD video via the victim’s Ring door camera.

“She clearly was having a wardrobe problem on the way up,” Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen said about the thief’s wardrobe difficulties. “I don’t think I’ve seen one of those.”

The barefoot woman is seen on video sprinting up to the home’s stoop and grabbing the package with one hand, while frantically attempting to cover her bare breasts with her other hand; she then is seen running and getting into her car – which is parked in the victim’s driveway – and speeding off with her prize: a Nordstrom dress, ironically, which hopefully will fit her more securely than her choice of attire that day.In the video, the homeowner can be heard banging on the inside of the front door while the package snatching is taking place, in an unsuccessful attempt to scare the porch pirate off.

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Police said they have several leads and are currently investigating the theft.

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