VIDEO: Car Salesman Nearly Killed When Thief Speeds Off Canadian Lot In Stolen BMW M4; Clung to Hood While Speeding Through Oxford Streets


There was apparently one thing that two would-be thieves at a Canadian car dealership last week liked more than the power and performance of the BMW they was test driving. The price. According to reports, two suspects showed up in a sliver Audi at Sport Motors in London, Ontario; the two had previously called about test-driving a BMW M4, and by all accounts it appeared to be just another curious customer looking to check out a prospective new ride.

However, for Moe Al-Kaissy, the 23 year-old salesman helping them this day, it would be a sale he would never forget.

“It was just very scary for me. Like, I genuinely thought I was going to die,” he said.

The two suspects allegedly asked Al-Kaissy if they could hear the vehicle’s engine, something that the salesman was more than happy to do; once the BMW was running, the customer opened the door and got behind the wheel, claiming that he need to make a phone call.

It was then that the crook revealed his true colors and sped off in the luxury sedan, striking Al-Kaissy and essentially knocking him off his feet and onto the vehicle’s hood, where he clung for dear life for more than a half a mile; the entire incident was caught on multiple surveillance video cameras.

“I had no option other than to kind of get on top of the hood, because he hit me on my knee,” he said. “At one point, I had to grab onto the wiper arm, because I was sliding off, and my feet got dragged onto the street. And my shoes got lost, my socks got ripped. Like, my feet are all ripped up right now,” Al-Kaissy said to a local news outlet.

Al-Kaissy’s brother Mustafa, who owns the dealership, said that the thief “kept swerving the car, left and right, trying to get him off.”

Finally, after over a half-mile, Al-Kaissy decided to let go of the hood, landing on the roadway and sliding for several feet before coming to a stop. Shockingly, his ordeal was not yet over, as he then found himself nearly run over by the vehicle thief’s accomplice, driving the silver Audi that the duo first showed up in; thankfully, Al-Kaissy managed to avoid being hit at the last second, and ultimately only suffered minor injuries.

“We’ve been doing this for a very long time, and we’ve never encountered such a situation, where somebody comes in broad daylight, runs you over, and almost kills you and steals your car,” Mustafa said.

London police are still looking for the two suspects.

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